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Alignment Drives Performance

Stork keeps everyone on your team aligned when you're executing your strategy by establishing a collaboration rhythms that move the information through your company accurately and quickly. We bring you features that keep your team aligned. Communicate and work as one with the most versatile collaboration platform for any team. Boost productivity and accelerate team communication, improve culture and save time for everyone.

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Team Alignment

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The Daily Huddle - that 30 Minute Meeting to Provide Updates

Let's face it, for a hybrid team operating across different time zones, we sometimes miss these important alignment events due to other commitments, days off, etc. In Stork, all meetings are recorded and can be played back later so your hybrid team may collaborate asynchronously as needed. Ask questions, exchange information, add context, and share ideas any where, any time, with anyone.

Play Back That Missed Meeting

Smart businesses learn a lot more from their meetings. Knowledge is never lost and can be shared. Imagine if your company's email retention policy allowed you to read that email only once. In Stork, all voice and video communications are recorded and stored just like chats. If a meeting took place in Stork's private channel you're a member of then you would have a record of that meeting. If the conversation took place in a public channel then all team members would have access to a record of that conversation.

Read a Transcript of a Missed Meeting

Sometimes it is more convenient to read than to listen or to watch. All voice and video conversations that you have access to are transcribed increasing the chances of your teammates staying on top of what's happening to keep the team on track. Reduce time spent duplicating tasks. Less time spent taking copious notes, writing down action items. No detail can be lost or forgotten, new team members can be quickly briefed on ongoing projects.

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Team Alignment Gets You to the Top

It's critical to have the right alignment features in place. Keep you entire team in the loop and on track. Deliver text, video and voice messages to the right people. Share presentations with screen recordings. Automatically recorded meetings can be shared with an audience that needs to know.

That Meeting Could Have Been a Video Note

In the age of remote work, some of the meetings could be replaced with a Video Note. Have an agenda and keep it short. Record trainings and meetings to get everyone up to speed without having to schedule an actual meeting synchronized in time.

Or That Meeting Could Have Been a Voice Note

In Stork, one could record a personal Voice Note and send it to as many people as they like. One could also record a conversation with a colleague and share that conversation with a team (with colleague's permission). One could go further and create an entire podcast out of a conversation or a screen recording. Share important updates and announcements rapidly with your team.

Accelerate Your Team Alignment

Stork makes transparency the norm thus creating more trust for team players. It accelerates that trust that is the foundation of a team alignment. Endless opportunities to create experiences that enable individuals stay unified with the team, culture, and company.

Team connections

Host public water cooler conversations and form closer connections

Show recognition

Bring everyone to the table to share ideas and celebrate your team with thoughtful recognition

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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