Video Messaging for Modern Work

Exchange Video Notes with your team in a direct chat or a channel. Drive your point home faster. Additionally, use our Screen Recorder if needed with your Video Message to create a presentation and say it with Video. Use Stork video messaging and screen recording in tandem for chores such as internal documentation, meeting reduction, announcements and explanations (explaining something fairly complex that requires screen snapshot or records).

Collaborate remotely

Share video, voice and screen recordings directly in Stork. Exchange video notes in addition to text and voice notes with your team rapidly. It's perfect for better collaboration for product teams in multiple time zones.

Efficient communication

Instead of sending endless Slack messages or scheduling a Zoom call, turn that conversation into a Video Note exchange. Play back up to 2x speed.

Pause & continue

Pause your recording anytime, so that you may gather your thoughts before continuing or simply take a break. Built for distributed teams that operate in different time zones.


Speech recognition will transcribe your video note. Recipient can chose to read or listen.


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