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Call My Link for Interviews

Call My Link (CML) is a free feature in Stork that allows you to conduct video interviews with non Stork users. Interviews are recorded and transcribed automatically. Video is saved in Stork for a later playback and sharing. AI Summary of the interview is automatically generated for all parties. No need to upload the video file to share. You get a link to each and every interview you conduct. There is no limitation on the length of the interview and multiple people can participate.

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Build your company’s collaborative culture

Stork is much more than just a communication tool. It’s your team’s main asset for building a culture of collaboration and engagement within Stork’s channels. As a team-building powerhouse, Stork will let your team members connect in group and 1-on-1 channels with ease and full transparency.

Enjoy the Watercooler talks

Miss the in-office experience of chatting with your colleagues? Working remotely has certainly left some things to be desired but Stork has a solution to this problem. Whenever two or more team members start chatting publicly, any other interested member can join them Clubhouse-style for the true watercooler conversation experience.

Any channel can be a conversation hotspot

Stork allows any member of a channel to start a live discussion that could be text, video, or audio-only. And the best thing about it is that any other member of that channel can freely join if they so wish. Channels can be both private and public, and deal with any topic or project. Different channels can be set up for different departments, limiting the clutter but at the same time boosting the transparency and accessibility of ongoing discussions.

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Hiring and onboarding made easy

Use Stork features to facilitate the hiring process and onboard new employees quickly.

High visibility workspace

Stork’s channel presence ensures that every team member is properly caught up with whatever latest post and news.

Use the power of video

Thanks to Stork’s video feature, it’s never been easier to create and share videos that efficiently explain procedures and protocols, and streamline the entire training process for new hires.

Better the entire HR workflow

Why waste time on meetings and sharing input from those meetings with every single member, when Stork is already set up to provide you, and everyone else on your team, with comprehensive meeting updates?

Always be up to date

Team members can join the live meeting at any point, or skip the meeting entirely, and still get all the necessary info by playing back the recording or accessing the automatic transcription afterward.

Media records within reach

All media records on Stork can be easily accessed by team members as long as they participated in a conversation or the record is public for the team, without having to be a host or admin.

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