Collaborate for FREE and Innovate with AI (usage based consumption)

At Stork, we believe in transparent and fair pricing that scales with your needs. Our unique model offers free messaging and collaboration services, with a usage-based approach for AI consumption. Explore our pricing structure below:

Free Messaging & Collaboration Services

Usage-Based AI Consumption (Coming Soon)

How It Works

  1. Sign Up for Free: Get started with Stork's messaging and collaboration services at no cost.
  2. Monitor Your AI Usage: Once out of beta, our AI consumption will be metered to provide complete visibility into usage costs and margins.
  3. Choose Your Pricing Plan: Select the best pricing option for your AI needs, whether it's markup over underlying costs or a tiered model based on volume consumption.
  4. Integrate with Your Tools: Connect Stork with your existing tools for a streamlined experience.

Why Choose Stork?

Stork is not just another collaboration platform. We compete with platforms like Zoom, Slack, and MS Teams, offering unique features like screen recording, all in one tool. Our AI-powered transcription and summarization set us apart, providing valuable insights and making all video and voice calls searchable. Learn more about Stork.

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Join the new era of team collaboration with Stork. Sign up for free and explore how Stork can transform your team's communication and collaboration. For more information on our upcoming usage-based AI pricing, feel free to contact us.