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Bringing New Elements Into Traditional Healthcare Systems

Taking good care of our healthcare system is essential for continuous advancement and providing better treatments to its patients. By using Stork, healthcare institutions can experience innovative communication, collaboration, and development in the medical industry.

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Keep up with the latest developments

Catch up on missed meetings

As a healthcare employee, working in shifts will prevent you from attending numerous crucial meetings and discussions during your professional career. With Stork’s video and voice recordings, you can catch up on all missed meetings and discussions anytime you want. Pause the recording if an urgent medical intervention arises or you need a break.

Attend lectures

Healthcare workers frequently need to attend lectures held by other professionals in their field. Stork will record the lecture for you if you can’t make it or feel your focus slipping away. That way, you can always go back and catch up on everything discussed.

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Communicate with patients

Keep your patients informed

Public channels are visible and accessible to everyone on your team, and they’re a great place for posting updates and announcements all your patients need to see. For instance, healthcare workers’ shifts can be confusing for many patients, and a helpful shift board can help them organize their future doctor’s appointments.

Offer personalized care and approach

Stork offers private channels where healthcare employees can share sensitive and confidential information with each patient individually.

They can share test results, diagnoses, scans, and other updates in a private channel that keeps all the necessary information safe and secure. Some patients may feel uncomfortable asking questions about their condition in public channels, so this is where their personalized counterparts can come in handy, too.

Work together with colleagues

Compare different opinions

Doctors sometimes struggle with specific conditions and diagnoses, so getting a second opinion from a colleague often helps. Collaborating and working together is highly encouraged, as it allows doctors to learn from one another and come to the best solutions. Healthcare professionals using Stork can easily communicate with their colleagues with different recording and note features.

Create diagnoses and treatments

Having all patient information and data in one place is essential for making accurate diagnoses and providing suitable treatments. You’ll be pleased to know Stork accepts all data formats. You can keep blood test results, medical history details, exam briefs, and X-ray scans in one place.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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