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Collaborate, document and review code with asynchronous video and screen recordings.

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All meetings are recorded and can be played back

In Stork, you can miss a meeting without missing a meeting. Catch up on what has transpired whenever it is convenient to you. Drop in on other meeting recordings (if you have access). Submit and review code with all the context and clarity needed to accelerate the process and keep the quality bar high.

Align your team by sharing information in channels

Bring documentation, files, code into channels. Establish a single repository for white papers. Conduct code reviews in private channels that could be used for training purposes later. Coordinate daily, weekly or monthly meetings in channels.

Be engaged and productive

Since there is a record of all meetings, voice communications and files, it's easier to onboard new engineers without repeating yourself. Share work records and other knowledge for a more meaningful feedback loop.

Stork features for teams to share files, voice notes, video recordings and cals.
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Quickly record and share your screen in a messenger

Supplement it with a video note or a voice note. Increase visibility and give more detailed explanations of how things work.

Interact with Designers in cross channels

Easily share prototypes, review specs, and facilitate smooth handoffs.

Partner with Product Development in common channels

Discuss trade-offs, demo options, and clarify requirements.

Share and document knowledge

Collect and organize all the information your team needs in one easy-to-access place.

Code repositories

Accelerate contributions by recording what top-level setup commands do and how to debug common errors.

Debug workflows

Quickly record and share the steps a user, support agent, or teammate can take to resolve an issue.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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