Watercoolers & Voice Calls

Take better notes without taking notes - automatically. Voice Calls in Stork are recorded and transcribed. Any public Voice Call can become a Watercooler for the Team.

Always recorded

Stork does it automatically for every one-to-one or a conference voice call. There is no "record" button to press.

Stork user interface example for the features

Instant transcripts

Instant transcripts provide you with a running and searchable record of what was discussed.

Save conversations

Recorded calls are saved in chats or channels depending on where the conversation or a conference call took place with an exceptional quality in mp4 format.


Calls within Channels are naturally watercooler calls for members of a Channel. One-on-one calls, outside the channel, will be visible to anyone on a team to join within 30 seconds unless "Keep Private" is tapped.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Are my calls visible to everyone on a team?