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When text and voice isn't enough - support teams use Stork Screen Recording

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Video speeds up response time

Including screen recordings in customer service tickets is an excellent way for both parties involved to get on board faster!  

Screen recordings

With just one quick look at how something's been done, we're able to quickly understand what needs fixing so there are fewer missed steps along the way of resolving your request!

Clear and concise communication

It's easier than ever for customers to get answers. As a company, you can rely on clear and concise communication with your customer base thanks to screen recordings of the issue they are experiencing. This is much more effective than combing through screenshots or lengthy messages containing every detail about what couldn't work as intended when something goes wrong - all without having back-and-forth conversations filled with "what ifs".

Stork features for teams to share files, voice notes, video recordings and cals.
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Video reduces miscommunication

One of the best ways to get customer feedback is through screen recordings.

Screen recoding

What you see on your screen might be different than what I’m seeing, so we should try a little experiment! Can you record yourself navigating and then show me how it looks from where you are?

Videos to speed up communication

Customer videos are an important tool for our Customer Support team because they can be used to quickly understand what is going on with a customer, which platform the customer was using, and how the problem occurred. When we have a video from one of our customers that shows us bugs or glitches in action, it helps escalate these tickets to the appropriate professional.

Video enables more personalized support

Support teams can connect with the customer and offer a personalized approach to any issue.

Video offers a whole new level of customer insight.

You can see what the customers sees and consequently understand their technical setup, which enables you to provide an even more personalized response that meets all requirements.

All the important information the first time

Anyone who works at customer support knows it is no easy job - you have people asking questions all day long until your brain feels like mush from so much information overloads dumped onto your desk over time by clients of all ages and backgrounds using a wide variety of devices; some working correctly while others not-so-much. That’s why we focus on empowering our Stork teams with features such as Screen Recording.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

Simple, yet powerful features

Chats & Calls

Public and private chats and calls. Playback conference calls and search the transcripts.

Public & Private Channels

Public and private channels to share information, media, and recording with the right people.

Microphone icon
Voice Notes

Send voice notes for efficient communication. Voice-to-text transcripts give you the choice of how to receive the information.

media icon
Files Sharing

Share files with team members. Files are accessible only to those in the corresponding public or private channel.

Media Playback

Missed a meeting? Calls, recordings, and videos are saved and can be played back so everyone is in the loop.

Public & Private Calls

Calls can be public for anyone to view and join or private only known between the participants.

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