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Stork is a perfect solution for innovative consulting teams. Its communication and collaboration features can help consultants turn every project into an exciting adventure.

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Staying on top of projects

Working with multiple clients and various project management tools can make for a hectic workflow. Stork helps you stay on top of your projects so that you can deliver on all your promises.

Communicating seamlessly

Stork removes all communication hurdles through seamless text, voice, and video messaging. Your entire team can participate in public channel activity to stay in the loop while using private channels for sensitive or confidential collaboration.

Sharing ideas anytime and anywhere

Stork’s public and private channels are ideal for brainstorming and sharing ideas. They can help remote and hybrid teams enjoy both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

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Staying up-to-date with meetings

Consultants are busy professionals who may not have time to attend every team meeting and conference call. That’s where Stork comes in.

Playing back all meetings

Stork records all voice calls and video conferences automatically. Anyone can access and play them back to catch up on crucial topics, project goals, objectives, strategies, and more.

Reading recorded transcripts

Listening to or watching recorded conversations isn’t always convenient. That’s why Stork transcribes every call and video conference. Users can search the transcripts to locate the desired content.

Sharing knowledge and feedback

Exchanging knowledge and feedback is essential for consulting teams. Stork helps them share content and improve expertise.

Sharing relevant content

Your teammates can share documents, files, presentations, and other media in public and private channels. They can search the channels to find relevant content quickly and focus on their strategies.

Recording voice and video notes

Stork’s voice and video notes are excellent for improving your teammates’ efficiency, productivity, and performance. They can exchange feedback and access it anytime in the messenger.

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