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Showcase your design work to a client with video

There's never been a better time to share your work and collaborate with clients and the team than now, thanks to all-in-one video messaging tools built into Stork.

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Share your work with the world, no matter where you are

Whether it’s a sketch, wireframe, mockup, functional application—the power and flexibility of Stork will help take your work from conception to completion. Your clients can see the progress you're making as a designer via screen recordings. Updating them with what's going on in every part of their project is simple and easy!

Easier and Delivers Better Results

Talk to your vision and showcase your design by recording your screen, camera or both.

Differentiate Yourself

With video, there are many more possibilities when it comes to communicating an idea than simply sending a file.

Stork features for teams to share files, voice notes, video recordings and cals.
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Feedback is a crucial part of a design process

Stork is a next-level app for work reviews. Say goodbye to clunky PDFs and hello to efficient, streamlined collaboration!

Collaboration streamlined to increase efficiency and accuracy

Get the right feedback when you need it so that your iterations happen quickly and get to a sign-off sooner.

Expressive feedback loop

All screen recording exchanges can happen within a chat, saving you time from visiting dead links.

Move in sync

When you're ready to take your vision to the next level, it's time for video. Video makes it easy for developers to understand exactly what you want them build and is much more effective than screenshots or text alone.

Create team library

Get feedback right when you need it so you can iterate quickly and get sign-off sooner.

Improve onboarding process

Help new hires onboard faster with walkthroughs of your systems and processes to get them up to speed.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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