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Building great products requires right tools

Focus on building and shipping - we will take care of the rest with Stork's flexible collaboration framework that includes video, voice, chat messages and screen recordings to stay aligned as a team. Move forward quickly, and build better products no matter where you are.

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Product Management

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More than just tools

Teams have everything they need to develop great products in Stork. You can have more meaningful conversations with your team by using asynchronous discussions around any topic publicly or privately in public or private channels respectively. Make better and faster product decisions.

Shaping ideas into products

Visualize and share, say it with video in a messenger or a screen recording in a channel. Align your team around the big picture by reviewing objectives. This way you'll be able to focus on what's important and ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.

Expedite product development process

Entertain a variety of solutions visually. Actively solicit feedback and estimates. Keep it all transparent for the rest of the team or a private channel.

Stork features for teams to share files, voice notes, video recordings and cals.
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Development is a process that requires regular communication

The way you communicate with your team has a huge impact on how quickly they can complete tasks.

Swiftly execute with confidence

You're the team captain, and it's your responsibility to make sure every member of the team is communicating. Use Stork to share updates with each other so you can keep everyone unblocked and on track!

Share visual context before a meet

Making meetings more productive is essential for increasing efficiency and reducing employee fatigue..

Cut down the time and effort

Go to market faster, streamline research and planning, shorten a product roadmap, develop your marketing strategy.

Align Product Management with Marketing

Get everyone in your company focused on and aligned with marketing goals and the value you provide your customers and community.

Prepare Sales and Support

Easily share documentation, training materials and anything else Sales and Support teams may require via private or public channels.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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