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Move fast and stand out with a modern and more personal sales experience.

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Delivery is everything. A message that’s poorly delivered can be the death of it.

How do you capture a prospect’s attention during the first few seconds of their interaction with your sales processes?

Make it more personal

The best way to connect with potential client is by showing that you are a warm and friendly human being. Record your voice over a web presentation or a screen recording so they can see your face and hear how articulate you sound!

Share your pitch anywhere

Customize your call to action at the end of your pitch and share the screen recording anywhere you like: email, text message, chat or a group chat.

Stork features for teams to share files, voice notes, video recordings and cals.
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Deal faster with more efficient meetings

Stay on top of your business with an easy and efficient way to manage the sale cycle.

Meaningful responses

The best way to provide a more meaningful response is by addressing questions, concerns, and alternative solutions via video recordings.

Keep it real

Your client feels like a real person is communicating with them without having to pick up the phone.

Measure engagement

Know when your video is watched, for how long it took viewers to watch the whole thing or just skim through parts of it, and if people are sharing with their friends. This will help you gauge interest in a particular topic so that you can follow-up at exactly the right moment.

Be in control

You can now get notified the moment someone watches or reacts to your video. You'll know right away if you need to make some changes and upload a new version.

Celebrate even when others might not notice your wins

The insights into your sales pipeline that only you know for the moment

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

Simple, yet powerful features

Chats & Calls

Public and private chats and calls. Playback conference calls and search the transcripts.

Public & Private Channels

Public and private channels to share information, media, and recording with the right people.

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Voice Notes

Send voice notes for efficient communication. Voice-to-text transcripts give you the choice of how to receive the information.

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Files Sharing

Share files with team members. Files are accessible only to those in the corresponding public or private channel.

Media Playback

Missed a meeting? Calls, recordings, and videos are saved and can be played back so everyone is in the loop.

Public & Private Calls

Calls can be public for anyone to view and join or private only known between the participants.

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