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Stork offers a centralized platform for gathering employees in one place, welcoming recruits, and streamlining their onboarding process.

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Welcoming new talent

Make new hires feel at home with Stork. Turn the recruitment and onboarding process into a fun, engaging, and social experience.

Communicating in channels

Stork’s public channels are perfect for making new hires feel welcome and engaging them from day one. They can participate in conversations and get to know the team.

Enjoying watercooler calls

Watercooler calls in Stork can turn onboarding into a social experience. Anyone can join calls within channels or make one-on-one calls to keep the conversations private.

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Getting new hires up to speed

It’s vital to align new employees with your culture and the rest of the team right away. Stork makes the process seamless.

Sharing files, documents, and media

Stork’s channels are ideal for acclimating new talent to your company culture and new job roles. You can share files and documents on company policies, voice and video recordings of various conferences, and more.

Providing training materials

Share training materials in searchable channels to facilitate self-paced learning. Add presentations, screen recordings, video tutorials, and voice and video notes for providing feedback.

Anytime access to team meetings

Team meetings are excellent for sharing knowledge. Your recruits will never miss a meeting with Stork.

Playing back missed meetings

A new job comes with many responsibilities, so your new employees may be strapped for time and unable to attend every meeting. Stork comes with playback features for staying up-to-date with all voice and video communications.

Reading transcribed meetings

Stork transcribes all voice calls and video conferences automatically. Your teammates can read them anytime and anywhere without missing any detail.

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