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Elevate Your E-commerce Business to a Higher Level

Every e-commerce business needs a space to stay in touch with its customers and keep up with the latest developments. WIth Stork offering companies just that, e-commerce businesses can elevate their brands to a higher level.

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Manage business tasks

With a tool that lets you effortlessly manage your daily tasks, you can focus more on other parts of your workflow, such as business growth and customer services.

Streamline accounting responsibilities

Chats, calls, video and voice notes, recordings, and other features allow you to easily streamline all your accounting responsibilities remotely. You’ll have access to all accounting details wherever you go.

Catch up on missed meetings

Missed an important meeting? Don’t worry! Stork records all conversations, so you can listen to them in real-time whenever you find the time. Pause and continue recordings if an urgent matter arises or you just need a break.

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Connect with customers

As an e-commerce business, maintaining a close relationship with your customers is essential for achieving a sterling reputation.

Respond to questions in private channels

Connect with your customers individually and give all clients a personalized experience by communicating with them in private channels. Respond to questions, address concerns, or simply appreciate the kind words your customers are sending you.

Share updates in public channels

Keep your audience updated with your brand by making announcements and sharing the latest news across public channels. That way, none of your loyal customers will miss a big annual sale or a new product launch.

Grow the company

In addition to dealing with the current events across your e-commerce brand, Stork lets you plan for the future too.

Send voice and video notes

It’s challenging to find a meeting time that works for every employee. But, that doesn’t mean you should stall the growth of your e-commerce business. Instead, voice and video notes keep all project participants updated with the latest information.

Upload call and screen recordings

Call and screen recordings further ease team communication and project development. For remote businesses, these features stimulate a live meeting atmosphere in the best possible way. Even if you can’t listen to the recordings, transcribed versions will nonetheless allow you to participate in projects.

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