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Stork offers valuable space for all busy financial experts who need to be in touch with their colleagues, clients, and partners at all times. It allows even the most active professionals to keep up with the newest developments and track their clients’ latest events with minimal effort.

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Stay in touch with your colleagues

Never miss a meeting again

Missing an important meeting can put you at a significant disadvantage. But, not with Stork. Stork records all your voice and video meetings in real-time and allows you to play the back so that you can catch up with the latest developments. Even if you’re attending a different meeting and can’t listen to the discussion, the automated transcription allows you to read it instead.

Share documents and files

Stork allows you to share important documents and files with your colleagues for better collaboration on projects that require teamwork. Sharing reports, statistics, surveys, and other crucial pieces of information can make or break a project, so it’s vital to do this step right.

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Communicate with clients

Post regular updates

Public channels are practical for making crucial announcements all your clients need to hear. Moving the office to a new location, changing the phone number or email address, and going on a holiday are only some information updates you can post on public channels.

Provide personalized approach

Each client is unique, so they require a unique approach. Private chats and channels are excellent for keeping in touch with your clients separately and noting their requirements, needs, and concerns. Voice and video notes are superb for making personalized messages all your clients will surely appreciate.

Improve partner collaboration

Engage in collaboration

Stork videos and video meetings are perfect for taking partner collaboration to a whole new level. Your partners who don’t belong to the world of finances can easily understand concepts used during the discussions and comprehend the key objectives and goals.

Brainstorm ideas

Screen recordings and meeting transcriptions allow all discussion participants to present their ideas quickly and effectively. As a result, financial experts receive high-quality brainstorming ideas they can later develop into something bigger together with their colleagues and partners.

Stork UI examples of team members using Stork features to share files and information

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