A Revolutionary Assistant for Your Email: AI GPT for Gmail™

Discover a smarter way to handle your email communication with AI GPT for Gmail™, an advanced AI-enhanced assistant designed to integrate seamlessly with your Gmail. This intelligent tool harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT and Bard™ AI to elevate your emailing experience, making it quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Whether you're drafting responses, translating messages, or refining the text in your emails, AI GPT for Gmail™ is your go-to solution for an optimized emailing process. It's offered as a Gmail add-on and supports a wide array of tasks to improve your daily communication.

Features at a Glance

· Instant Reply: Generate a reply to an email with a single click.

· Email Rephrasing: Easily modify the wording of your emails for clarity or tone.

· Translations: Communicate globally with support for over 40 languages and dialects.

· Template Selection: Use a variety of email templates for common scenarios such as HR inquiries, CVs, interviews, and more.

· Simplification: Make your explanations in emails more accessible.

· Ease of Use: Install and start using it right away with no need for any pre-setups or API keys.

The add-on is designed to be accessible for everyone, making it incredibly user-friendly. With a mixture of both free and premium features, users can benefit from enhanced AI capabilities depending on their needs.

Compatibility and Resources

AI GPT for Gmail™ is not only designed for your desktop but is also mobile-friendly, accommodating users on iOS and Android platforms. If you're interested in further leveraging AI for your documents and spreadsheets, consider exploring DocGPT for Docs™ and Sheets™.

Keeping You Up to Date

Staying ahead of the curve, this tool regularly updates its features. Recent enhancements include placeholder fixes, performance improvements, and an expanded language selection now boasting support for the likes of Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Catalan, among others.

How to Use

Getting started with AI GPT for Gmail™ is quite simple:

1. Open Gmail and compose a new email.

2. Click on the AI Writer icon located in the bottom right corner of the email editor.

3. Provide a brief prompt and choose the intended tone for your email.

4. Incorporate the AI-generated draft into your email as desired.

Key Features to Note

You have the flexibility to choose between formal or casual tones for your email, adjust the length, or create an entirely new version. Additionally, it's compatible with a list of over 30 languages, enabling you to communicate effectively with international contacts.

Privacy and Cost

The tool is offered free, with premium features available for those looking for additional capabilities. Privacy is a major concern, and AI GPT for Gmail™ adheres to regulations such as GDPR and the California Privacy Act. Rest assured that your data remains secure on Google servers and is not stored externally. The add-on accesses only the email you're currently editing to ensure relevant and accurate generation of content.


AI GPT for Gmail™ is more than an add-on; it's a personal assistant that enhances your productivity and communication. Its intuitive interface, multilingual support, and smart features are suited for anyone looking to streamline their email management. Give your email an AI boost and experience a more efficient way to interact and connect.

If you require assistance or encounter any errors, guidance is available at the provided support link.

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