The best Zoom alternative for video meetings

You get a personal URL (a web link). Anyone on the web can click that URL and reach you real time with video and audio, just like in Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

You can host a meeting at that URL with multiple people or receive a "call" from a just single individual. That URL is your "phone number" on the web that acts as a conference bridge when many people "call" it.

Call My Link URL is ChatGPT and OpenAI powered tool. It will listen to the conversation, transcribe it and produce a summary for all parties participating. It will email a link to the summary of a meeting and more to all participants.

If you're not there to participate on a call, others still get to meet at your Call My Link web link. Unlike in Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams - no host is required. You will still receive a text summary of the conversation that has along with other records and a list of participants.

Ta take advantage of this service you need to create a Stork account (free). People "calling" your Call My Link URL do not need to have a Stork account, just a browser on a desktop or a mobile device.

Below is what your meeting participants will see when they click on your Call My Link URL:

This is how users will see your Call My Link URL link

Once the meeting is over, all participants will receive a link to the meeting summary, its transcript, the entire recording, a list of participants (without emails). Below is what opening that link will look like for most meetings:

A summary of a meeting generated by OpenAI

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analyzed. Privacy is an illusion. Here are some wonderful benefits from letting AI analyze what we talk about at work:
To start using Call My Link for your daily meetings or conferences - simply open a free Stork account, get your Call My Link URL (generated automatically for you) and conduct your next get together there instead of Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Enjoy!