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Stork offers a connected community for educators and students for free. Connect with students with video and voice messaging and turn your virtual classroom into a personalized learning hub that leads to brilliant results.

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Stay connected with students

Stork makes staying connected with students a breeze. It helps educators create an enticing learning environment, bringing all conversations and learning materials together in one centralized place.

Share updates in public channels

Use public channels to make announcements, discuss projects, share assignments and tests, and host Q&As about lectures, assignment deadlines, course materials, and more.

Answer questions in private channels

Private channels and chats are perfect for answering students’ questions, sharing additional learning resources for specific assignments, and providing feedback.

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Keep students engaged

Remote and hybrid learning can be just as fun, social, and engaging as learning in a physical classroom. Stork makes room for meaningful social connections that lead to higher student engagement.

Share screen recordings and videos 

Record your screen for presentations and tutorials, and create videos on various subjects and topics. Add voice notes and video notes for a more engaging experience, and share them seamlessly with students in channels and chats.

Improve knowledge retention with transcribed recordings

Stork automatically records and transcribes all screen recordings, video tutorials, and other voice and video content. Students can play them back anytime and boost their knowledge retention.

Offer personalized support

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in education. Every student has a unique learning style, habits, and needs, which is why Stork lets educators personalize their experience.

Explain complex concepts

Stork videos and screen recordings are ideal for explaining any complex stuff that your students may be struggling with. You can pause a recording anytime to take a break or gather your thoughts before continuing.

Provide personalized feedback

Private channels and chats are excellent for providing students with personalized feedback. You can record voice notes and video notes to share information on their progress, performance, and potential areas for improvement.

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