Graphic AI Art Assistant for WhatsApp

Artificial Intelligence Image Generator Bot turns your words into images directly in WhatsApp.

Unleash your visual creativity by directly speaking with the bot in plain language and getting an instant image back as a result. All you need is the Bot's number to direct message to, and voila - you'll get a unique picture as a response.

There are no special commands to type just text the description of an image you would like for it to create.

WhatsApp number +16506000350 for the bot.

Add it to your address book to easily access and find it in your WhatsApp app then direct message it to generate any picture you like. It's a free community service by Stork.

The bot also understands and transcribes voice messages. Instead of typing you can describe what you would like for it to draw via direct voice message to the bot, then copy and paste resulting text as an instruction to draw your art.