AI Generated Summary for video and audio meetings

Did you ever wish that all meetings had a text summary? Or even better, the text summary was available for meetings you didn’t attend?

Meetings analyzed by AI and a short concise summary is created as a result. No need to play back the entire meeting. Title of a meeting is also autogenerated by AI. Video record, its transcription, the AI generated summary and the title can be shared with any non Stork user via private and convenient URL.

Stork relies on its built-in call recording functionality to generate the transcript of a meeting. Then it runs that transcript through AI to generate the title and the summary. It’s all done behind the scenes and immediately with the only requirement that that meeting is done over Stork.

Think of it as a Zoom experience wrapped in Slack with built-in recording, transcription and AI generated title and a summary for the resulting video that’s shareable within the team and outside the workspace if need be – in one click.

You can read the summary, play back the recording or read a full transcript of a meeting (that perhaps you didn’t even attend), available as a downloadable PDF.


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