The best Zoom alternative for AI video meetings

Stork's Call My Link is the AI-powered video-conferencing tool that makes your meetings 10x better. Host, capture, search, and summarize video calls from one browser window.

Your Personal Conference URL

It's like a personal Zoom account without limitations and AI features. Video and Audio Calls are recorded and can be played back by all participants - both Stork and non Stork users right from the web.

PDF Transcripts

Conferences are transcribed. PDFs transcripts are available to each participant after the call, automatically. No limitation on the duration of a call nor the length of the transcript. Read the transcript or play back the call.

Summary by AI

Summary of a call as a tex is available to all participants. No need to play back long calls or read large PDF transcripts. Summary, created by AI, is an easy and fast way to know what happened on a conference call with multiple people.

Share Video Meetings

Recorded calls, transcripts, summaries can be easily shared with non Stork users on the web. Call My Link could be used to record video and audio interviews that are immediately shareable with the team or outside the team.


Answers to commonly asked questions

What if I am not present for the meeting at my “Call My Link” URL?
Are recorded meetings visible publicly?