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Zoom Introduces "Zoom Clips" for Asynchronous Video Sharing

August 8, 2023

Zoom, a leading video conferencing platform, has unveiled a new feature named "Zoom Clips."

This tool allows users to record, edit, and share video snippets without the need for a live meeting.

Available in public beta, Zoom Clips offers a dedicated content library where users can manage and share their video recordings.

The feature is accessible via the desktop Zoom app, the Zoom web portal, and even from the Mac menu bar and Windows system tray.

Users can capture both their screen and webcam feed, with the option to use a virtual background.

Once a clip is recorded, it can be edited, titled, described, and tagged. The sharing options are versatile, allowing users to send the clip via email directly from Zoom's web portal.

They can also control the clip's accessibility, deciding whether anyone with the link can view it or if it's restricted to people within an organization.

While Zoom already had a video messaging tool in its Zoom Team Chat product, Zoom Clips is seen as a more comprehensive solution.

It seems to be Zoom's answer to platforms like Stork.AI, Weet, Loom, and Bubbles.

David Ball, Zoom’s meetings and chat product manager, emphasized the convenience of asynchronous video tools, noting that they offer a quick way to share high-quality, short videos with colleagues and clients.

The introduction of Zoom Clips comes at a time when many are experiencing video conferencing fatigue.

A survey from 2022 revealed that 80% of U.S. workers felt overwhelmed by frequent video calls, with 75% admitting to declining a meeting simply because they didn't want to attend.

Zoom has been actively diversifying its product range, especially in the face of growing competition and a slowdown in growth. The company has announced various strategic partnerships and product expansions over the past year.

In a notable move, Zoom collaborated with AI startup Anthropic to integrate the Claude chatbot into Zoom's applications. The company has also ventured into AI technologies, although not without criticism.


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