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WhatsApp Unveils Native macOS App: What You Need to Know

February 27, 2024

WhatsApp has recently launched a native macOS app, a move that aims to enhance user experience on Mac devices. The new app allows for video calls with up to eight participants and audio calls with up to 32 people. Announced by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook account, the app can be downloaded from WhatsApp's official website and will soon be available on the Apple App Store.

Designed for Mac Users

The app has been specifically designed to be user-friendly for Mac users. It enables more efficient multitasking on a larger screen and offers features like drag-and-drop file sharing. Users can also view an extended chat history, making it easier to keep track of conversations.

Undergoing Tests

WhatsApp had previously released the app in public beta, targeting systems running on Apple Silicon and macOS 11 Big Sur or newer. This testing phase allowed the company to refine the app's features and performance.

Evolving Desktop Experience

WhatsApp initially launched desktop apps in 2016. However, with the evolving architecture of desktop machines, the company felt the need to revamp its offerings. Last year, WhatsApp began experimenting with multi-device linking, allowing users to receive messages on up to four devices even when their phone is not connected to the internet.

Windows Client Also Updated

Earlier this year, WhatsApp also rolled out a new Windows client featuring similar group-calling capabilities, indicating a broader strategy to improve its desktop experience across different operating systems.

Final Thoughts

The launch of WhatsApp's native macOS app is a significant step in enhancing the desktop experience for its users. As remote work and online communication continue to be prevalent, such advancements are crucial for keeping up with user demands.

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