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ChatGPT powered WhatsApp Bot for Voice-to-Text Transcription

February 27, 2024

Sometimes we don’t have time to listen or play back the voice note for whatever reason: in a meeting, no privacy, etc. And sometimes, the voice message is simply too damn long and we want to read it instead. Whatever the case, Stork for WhatsApp Bot is always on a standby to transcribe.

Forward any voice message to this WhatsApp account +16506000350 and get a transcribed text reply. It's a free service. Add +16506000350 to your address book as Stork Bot and use it within WhatsApp. Alternatively, if you have WhatsApp installed simply click this link. This bot is powered by ChatGPT and can also answer non-voice queries like ChatGPT. It's a free community service by Stork. Enjoy!

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