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Video meetings in Zoom, MS Teams, Slack, etc. vs the Stork experience

February 27, 2024

When we started working on Stork, our main focus was (and still is) how to make people feel as if they're working together and not remotely.

Unlike Zoom, Google Meet, etc., we don't require for people to schedule calls or to exchange links for calls to talk to each other.

In Stork, you can call your teammate at any time (you can see if they're available) and you'll see each other in a small window which won't distract either of you.

You can turn on video and see each other's faces. We smartly crop your face so that you're always in focus even when you move. That's a much better experience for long-lasting calls than Zoom has. You can sit on a call in Stork for hours, your teammates may join the call (unless you make it "private"). That gives you a feeling that your teammates are beside you. It's easy to discuss and get things done this way rather than scheduling calls in other apps.

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