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Unveiling the New Bing Chat

September 11, 2023

Microsoft is not one to rest on its laurels, especially when it comes to Bing Chat, its AI chatbot. The tech giant has been rolling out updates at an impressive pace, making Bing Chat more versatile and user-friendly. Here's a rundown of the key updates that have transformed Bing Chat into a formidable competitor in the AI chatbot space.

Bing Chat on Google Chrome

As of August 25, Bing Chat is no longer confined to Microsoft's Edge browser or its mobile app. The chatbot is now accessible via Google Chrome, opening up its functionalities to a broader user base.

Enterprise Solutions and Enhanced Features

On July 18, Microsoft introduced Bing Chat's enterprise solution, which now accepts both text and image inputs. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses looking for a versatile communication platform. Speaking of versatility, Stork.AI, a business video messaging and collaboration platform, also offers similar functionalities but with added features like video conferencing and searchable transcriptions. Learn more about Stork.AI.

Increased Chat Limits

Microsoft has been generous with chat limits as well. As of June 2, users can engage in up to 30 turns per chat and a whopping 300 chats per day. This is particularly beneficial for users who require extensive interactions with the chatbot.

Visual and Functional Enhancements

Bing Chat has also received several visual and functional upgrades. These include better visuals in answers, videos in responses, and optimized answers for specific queries like recipes. The chatbot also now supports Bing Image Creator in all modes and has optimized travel queries to provide more visual results.

Chat History and No More Limits

One of the most awaited features was introduced on May 22—chat history. Users can now keep track of their conversations without any limitations on chat or turn limits.

Privacy Upgrades

Microsoft has also focused on enhancing user privacy, particularly in the Edge sidebar. This is an essential step in ensuring that user data is secure and confidential.

The AI Ecosystem

Before these updates, Microsoft had already enriched its Bing, Swiftkey, Skype, and Edge apps with new AI features. The standout among these was a Bing Chat widget that allows users to access the chatbot right from their smartphone's home screen.

In conclusion, Microsoft's Bing Chat has evolved into a robust and versatile AI chatbot, thanks to a series of thoughtful updates. Whether you're an individual user or a business, Bing Chat offers a range of features to meet your communication needs.

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