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Trello vs Asana

November 16, 2023

A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Project Management Powerhouses

project management software
Trello vs Asana

The project management industry is rife with numerous software designed to simplify and streamline the way project teams manage work. Among the industry leaders are Trello and Asana, both offering a unique take on aiding teams in managing projects.

Today, we delve into the Trello vs. Asana debate, exploring their interfaces, features, pricing, customer support, and more.

Asana Unveiled

project managers
Trello vs Asana

Asana, a comprehensive project management platform, boasts an easy-to-navigate interface and a plethora of features. These tools enable teams to centralize all elements of their projects - from long-term goals to daily tasks - ensuring complete awareness of project progress and responsibilities. Asana's strengths include its diverse task views, customizable forms, and efficient task management features.

About Trello

trello vs
Trello vs Asana

Trello is a popular project management tool that helps teams collaborate and organize their projects in a flexible and visual way. It uses a system of boards (which represent projects), lists (which represent stages of a project), and cards (which represent tasks) to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of project status at a glance.

Each card can contain checklists, due dates, attachments, comments, labels, and more, all aimed at providing a full context of a task. Users can move these cards across lists to reflect their progression through different stages of the project.

Trello supports various integrations with apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Jira, among others. Trello offered a free version with limited features, as well as premium versions (Business Class and Enterprise) with more advanced features and larger attachment sizes.

Trello is widely used in many industries, from software development and marketing to HR and sales, for its intuitive interface and adaptability to different workflows.

Trello vs. Asana: The Battlefield of Features

asana vs
Trello vs Asana

The fascinating aspect of the project management software industry is its inherent diversity; while Trello and Asana share some similarities, they also have distinctive characteristics.

Trello, renowned for its simplistic and visually appealing Kanban boards, is excellent for managing simple workflows and smaller team projects.

However, it lacks key features like task dependencies, a limitation that Asana addresses proficiently, making it suitable for more complex projects.

On the pricing front, Asana tends to be more costly, but it compensates with slightly better customer support. Both Trello and Asana offer free versions, but the premium features in Asana's paid plans may justify its higher pricing for some users.

Managing tasks and tracking time are essential aspects of project management tools. Trello's simplicity in task management and its classic Kanban system makes it easy to use, but Asana offers users more comprehensive tools including Gantt charts, task comments, and the ability to assign tasks.

When it comes to third-party integrations, both Asana and Trello provide ample app integrations, broadening their utility and ensuring compatibility with different workflows.

However, Trello's free plan only provides customer support via email, and only during business days for active payment plans.

On the other hand, Asana offers more priority support, especially for premium Asana users.

Deciding between Trello and Asana

project management software
Trello vs Asana

Choosing the right project management tool ultimately depends on your team's needs and the nature of your projects. For small teams needing a simple, visual tool to manage work, Trello can be an excellent choice. In contrast, for larger teams dealing with complex tasks and multiple projects, Asana's extensive features could be more beneficial.

  1. Nature of Work: If your team handles complex projects with many stages, dependencies, and need for details, Asana's comprehensive project management platform might be the better choice. It allows you to create detailed task lists, subtasks, and even project timelines. Conversely, if your team's work is more straightforward or you're managing less complex tasks, Trello's Kanban-based system might be more appropriate.
  2. Size of the Team: For small teams, Trello's simplicity and user-friendly interface can be a major advantage. Asana's complexity can be overwhelming for small teams and those new to project management software. For larger project teams or enterprises dealing with complex projects, Asana's advanced features and in-depth project views can be beneficial.
  3. Usability: Both Trello and Asana are industry leaders and highly rated for their usability, but they do have different strengths. Trello is appreciated for its simplicity and visually appealing interface. In contrast, Asana is known for its robust features and flexibility, but it may have a steeper learning curve.
  4. Integrations: Both Asana and Trello offer numerous third-party integrations. If your team relies heavily on certain apps, check if they are supported by both platforms. For instance, if you frequently use Microsoft Teams for team communication, you'll want to ensure it can integrate with your chosen project management tool.
  5. Pricing: Evaluate what you're willing to spend and what features are most important to your team. While both offer free versions, there may be key features only available in the premium or business class versions. If budget is a constraint, Trello's premium plans are generally more affordable than Asana's.
  6. Trial Period: Both Trello and Asana offer trial periods for their paid plans. It may be worthwhile for your team to use these trial periods to test out which software suits your needs better before making a decision.

Limitations of Asana

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Trello vs Asana

While Asana is a formidable project management tool, it isn't without its drawbacks. Task assignment in Asana is restricted, potentially causing scheduling conflicts as only one user can take over a task at a time. This limitation might result in confusion when estimating project timelines.

  1. Complex Interface: Asana's vast range of features can result in a somewhat complex and overwhelming interface, particularly for new users. This means that there can be a steep learning curve when first starting with Asana.
  2. Limited Features in Free Version: The free version of Asana has limitations. Some advanced features such as timeline views, advanced search and reporting, custom fields, and task dependencies are only available in the premium version.
  3. Performance Issues: Some users have reported that Asana can become slow and less responsive when dealing with large projects with a multitude of tasks and many team members.
  4. Limited File Attachment Size: Asana has a file attachment limit per task, which might not be sufficient for teams that frequently share large files.
  5. Cost: Asana can be expensive, especially for small teams or startups with limited budgets. While it does offer a free version, the premium features - which many teams may find useful - come with a significant cost.
  6. Lack of Time Tracking: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Asana does not have built-in time tracking features. Although it can integrate with time tracking apps, having it as an in-built feature would be more convenient for users.
  7. Limited Offline Capabilities: Asana requires an internet connection to work. If you're often in areas with poor internet connectivity, this could pose problems.

Customer Reviews: Trello vs Asana

trello vs
Trello vs Asana

Customer reviews offer insightful information about the real-world applications of these tools. Asana maintains a G2 rating of 4.3/5 from over 6800 reviews, while Trello's customer satisfaction rating is yet to be discussed comprehensively.


trello vs
Trello vs Asana

Positive Reviews:

Users appreciate Trello's intuitive and straightforward interface, which employs the Kanban system for managing projects. This visual approach makes it easy to understand the project's progress at a glance.

Small teams and individuals frequently praise Trello's free plan for its generous offering, allowing them to manage work effectively without incurring any costs.

Trello's flexibility is often commended, with users enjoying the ability to customize their boards with lists, labels, and attachments.

The wide array of third-party app integrations is a favorite among users. They find it helps streamline workflows and improve team collaboration.

Negative Reviews:

Some users feel that Trello might not be the best tool for complex projects due to its lack of built-in reporting and advanced planning tools.

There have been comments about the limited functionality of the mobile app compared to the desktop version.

Users managing multiple boards have expressed a desire for a more efficient way to get an overview of all active projects.


collaboration tools
Trello vs Asana

Positive Reviews:

Asana is praised for its comprehensive project management features that cater to a wide range of projects, from simple task lists to complex workflows.

Many users love the multiple project views, including list view, Kanban boards, calendar view, and Gantt charts, which cater to different project management styles.

Asana's ability to handle complex tasks, such as nested tasks and task dependencies, is well received by users managing large projects.

Users also appreciate the robust integrations offered by Asana, allowing them to connect their project management with other tools used by their teams.

Negative Reviews:

Asana's learning curve is a common concern, with some users noting it can feel overwhelming for beginners due to the range of features and options.

Some users have commented on the limitations of the free plan, especially when compared to other tools like Trello.

A few users have mentioned that Asana can be slow at times, especially when working with large projects with many tasks and team members.

Trello vs. Asana: Pricing Analysis

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Trello vs Asana

The pricing structures of both Trello and Asana offer free and paid tiers. While Trello has an affordable Business Class tier, Asana's paid plans provide a more robust feature set, albeit at a higher price.


trello vs asana
Trello vs Asana
  1. Free version: Trello's free plan offers unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists, but limits the number of team boards to 10. Power-ups (integrations with apps like Slack, Google Drive etc.), custom fields, and other premium features are also limited.
  2. Business Class ($9.99 per user/month): This plan offers unlimited team boards, priority support, additional power-ups, custom fields, and advanced checklists. You also gain access to features like team board templates and views, as well as enhanced security with 2-factor authentication.
  3. Enterprise ($17.50 per user/month for up to 100 users): Trello's enterprise plan includes all the features of the Business Class tier, plus additional features like organization-wide permissions, public board management, and attachment restrictions. It also offers priority support and a dedicated account executive.


trello vs asana
Trello vs Asana
  1. Free version: Asana's free plan offers unlimited projects, tasks, and messages for up to 15 team members. It also includes basic search and due dates features.
  2. Premium ($10.99 per user/month): This plan includes all the features of the free version plus features like timeline, advanced search & reporting, custom fields, and task dependencies. Premium Asana users also enjoy priority support.
  3. Business ($24.99 per user/month): The Business tier offers all the features of the Premium plan plus additional capabilities like portfolios, workloads, custom rules builder, and the ability to lock custom fields.
  4. Enterprise (Pricing available on request): This top-tier plan includes all features of the Business tier and adds advanced security and control features, priority support, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Please note that the above pricing is based on annual billing, and costs may be higher if billed monthly. Both Trello and Asana offer discounts for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Trello vs. Asana: The Verdict

trello vs asana
Trello vs Asana

Determining the winner in the Trello vs Asana battle isn't as straightforward as it may seem, as each tool caters to specific needs.

Trello shines with its simplicity and user-friendly interface, ideal for less complex projects. Meanwhile, Asana proves advantageous for complex projects with its advanced features.

Ultimately, the choice between Trello and Asana depends on your team's work requirements, the complexity of your projects, and your budget. Evaluate the key features, strengths, and weaknesses of each tool before deciding which suits your project management needs best.


trello vs asana
Trello vs Asana
Is Trello or Asana better?

The choice between Trello and Asana depends on the complexity of your projects and the size of your team.

Trello is simpler and user-friendly, suitable for small teams and simple projects.

Asana is more robust, ideal for managing complex projects and larger teams.

What is better Trello or Asana or Monday?

All three are industry leaders in project management software, but their effectiveness varies based on your specific needs. Trello is simple and visual, Asana offers a comprehensive set of project management tools, and is known for its automation and customization features.

Why is Asana so popular?

Asana is popular due to its wide range of features that enable teams to manage projects effectively. It provides a comprehensive project management platform where teams can track project progress, manage workloads, and collaborate seamlessly.

What is Trello not for?

While Trello is great for managing simple workflows and smaller team projects, it may not be the best choice for complex projects that require advanced features like task dependencies and scheduling conflicts.

Which is easier to use Trello or Asana?

Trello is generally considered easier to use due to its intuitive, card-based interface. However, ease of use may vary depending on your team's familiarity with project management tools.

Can you integrate Trello with Asana?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Trello with Asana using third-party integration tools. This allows you to migrate data and tasks between the two platforms.

What is the difference between Asana Kanban and Trello?

Trello is primarily a Kanban-based tool with a simple and visual interface. Asana, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive set of project management tools and supports multiple project views, including a Kanban view.

Can you import from Asana to Trello?

Yes, you can import tasks and projects from Asana to Trello using various third-party integration tools.

How do I migrate between Trello and Asana?

To migrate between Trello and Asana, you can use third-party integration tools that allow you to export data from one platform and import it to the other.

What are the advantages of Trello over Asana?

Trello's main advantages over Asana include its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and its free plan which offers unlimited projects and cards.

Is Trello or Asana better for personal use?

Both Trello and Asana can be used for personal project management. However, Trello's simplicity and visual interface might make it more suitable for personal use.

What is the difference between Jira, Asana, and Trello?

Jira, Asana, and Trello are all project management platforms but they cater to different needs. Trello is known for its simplicity and visual Kanban boards. Asana offers comprehensive project management features. Jira is geared towards software development with its powerful tracking capabilities.

Should I use Jira or Asana?

If you're a software development team that deals with complex projects and needs detailed tracking, Jira might be a better choice. For non-development teams or teams managing a variety of projects, Asana's broad feature set could be more beneficial.

What app is better than Trello?

While Trello is a popular project management tool, some may prefer other apps like Asana,, or Jira, depending on their specific requirements.

Is Asana better than Slack?

Asana and Slack are different types of tools. Asana is a project management tool that helps manage work and track project progress. Slack is primarily a team communication tool. Many teams use both Asana and Slack in their workflow.

Why use Slack with Asana?

Slack can be integrated with Asana for improved team collaboration. Updates and notifications about Asana tasks can be sent directly to Slack, keeping the team informed without having to switch between apps.

Can Trello integrate with Asana?

Yes, Trello can integrate with Asana through various third-party tools, allowing you to migrate data between the two platforms.

What programs does Trello integrate with?

Trello integrates with a wide range of programs including but not limited to Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and GitHub. This makes it a flexible tool that can adapt to various workflows.

How does Trello handle team collaboration?

Trello excels in team collaboration with its intuitive Kanban boards. It allows team members to communicate, assign tasks, and keep track of project progress efficiently. The platform is built around the idea of cards and boards, which makes it visually appealing and easy for teams to manage work.

Can I use Asana for personal task management?

Yes, Asana can be used for personal task management. The platform's flexibility and variety of features make it suitable for managing both personal and team projects. You can use it to organize your tasks, set due dates, and even integrate it with your calendar.

Are there any alternatives to Trello and Asana?

Yes, there are several project management tools on the market that serve as alternatives to Trello and Asana. Some popular ones include, Jira, Zoho Projects, and Microsoft Teams.

Can I use Trello for managing complex projects?

Trello can be used for managing complex projects, but it might lack some advanced features that other project management software like Asana offer. Its simplicity and visual approach make it ideal for projects with clear, linear workflows.

What kind of customer support does Asana offer?

Asana offers priority support to its premium and enterprise plan users. They provide a comprehensive help center, forums, and resources for all users. Asana's paid plans also include personalized help from the Asana support team.

Can I use Asana and Trello together?

While you can't use them simultaneously on the same project, you can certainly use Asana and Trello together for different projects or processes based on their strengths. Some teams use Trello for high-level planning and Asana for detailed project management.

Which tool is better for visualizing tasks, Trello, or Asana?

Both tools provide good visualization capabilities, but in different ways. Trello's strength lies in its simple and visual Kanban boards. Asana, on the other hand, offers multiple project views including list view, board view, timeline view, and a calendar view.

Can I import tasks from Asana to Trello?

Yes, you can import tasks from Asana to Trello. There are third-party apps available that can facilitate this process, but it's important to note that some information may be lost or changed in the process.

Is there a file attachment limit in Trello and Asana?

Both Trello and Asana allow file attachments to tasks. Asana allows attachments up to 100MB per individual file for all subscription levels, whereas Trello allows attachments up to 250MB per file.

Can I integrate Trello or Asana with my email?

Yes, both Trello and Asana offer email integrations. With Trello, you can create cards by email and update them. Asana also allows you to turn emails into tasks and conversations directly from your email inbox.

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