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The Future of Google Assistant: Meet the Pixel 8 Pro with AI Bard

May 17, 2024


Let's face it, managing daily emails can be a chore. But what if your AI assistant could sort through your inbox and only show you the important stuff? While Google Assistant on Pixel 7 Pro isn't quite there yet, Google is making strides in AI technology. The company has been showcasing new generative AI tools that can help you with tasks like composing emails, writing job descriptions, and even planning your meals. However, the real game-changer could be the Bard-style upgrade for Google Assistant.

Google's AI Journey

Google is not new to the AI game. Earlier this year, they unveiled a variety of generative AI tools at their I/O conference. These tools can assist you in various tasks, from drafting emails in Gmail to creating templates in Google Sheets. While some of these features are hit or miss, they do offer a glimpse into the future of AI in our daily lives.

Meet Bard

Google introduced Bard as a chatbot to compete with Bing. Although it had a rocky start, Bard has improved over time. With a recent update, Bard can now access your Gmail and Google Docs to assist you better. For example, it can sift through your emails and highlight the important ones, making your life a bit easier.

The Pixel 8 Pro: A Unified AI Experience

As we approach Google's fall hardware event, all eyes are on the upcoming Pixel 8. What's exciting is how Google plans to integrate its various AI technologies into this device. Unlike Apple, which shies away from openly discussing AI, or Microsoft, which is more focused on computers, Google aims to make the Pixel 8 a device that truly showcases the power of AI in simplifying our daily tasks.

Limitations and Future Prospects

While the idea of a fully functional Bard on your phone sounds exciting, there are challenges. One major hurdle is processing power. AI requires significant computational resources, and currently, much of this processing is done in the cloud. Google's custom Tensor chips aim to bring more of this processing on-device, but it's still a work in progress.


Q: What is the Bard-style upgrade for Google Assistant?A: The Bard-style upgrade allows Google Assistant to access your Gmail and Google Docs, helping you find important emails and documents.

Q: How does Google plan to integrate AI into the Pixel 8?A: Google aims to bring together its various AI technologies to make the Pixel 8 a device that can simplify your daily tasks.

Q: What are the limitations of having AI on your phone?A: One of the major limitations is processing power. Currently, most of the heavy computational tasks are offloaded to the cloud.

Further Reading

So, are you excited about the future of AI on your phone? The Pixel 8 Pro might just be the device that shows us what's possible.

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