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The Future of AI Investing: Beyond the Hype and Into New Realms

January 6, 2024

AI Startups in 2024: What Lies Ahead?

Artificial intelligence startups have experienced an incredibly dynamic journey recently. In 2023, the landscape was bustling with activity: everyone, seemingly without exception, experimented with AI tools, and startups in this domain secured funding at impressive valuations reminiscent of 2021's boom​​. The year also witnessed high-profile shutdowns and legal dramas, notably involving OpenAI and the New York Times​​.

Investors, the astute gamblers in this high-stakes environment, predict that while the current surge in funding will persist, we're transitioning from a hype-centric phase to a more sustainable, business-focused era. This shift is expected to herald the emergence of a new breed of AI startups, those with a sharper focus on specific industries, moving beyond just adding layers to existing technologies from giants like OpenAI and Google​​.

Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners, envisions a blossoming landscape for "verticalized AI", startups that integrate deep, sector-specific knowledge to enhance productivity. This specialization, she believes, will offer lower risk and less likelihood of replication by established tech firms​​.

Customized Chatbots and Generative AI’s Second Wave

2024 is set to witness a fascinating trend: the rise of customized chatbots. Companies such as Google and OpenAI are leading this charge, offering platforms that enable even those without coding expertise to create tailored chatbots. This democratization of AI tools could lead to widespread personal and professional applications of AI, making it more accessible to the everyday person​​.

The generative AI sphere is also ready to make a splash with its second wave: video. After the initial awe over photorealistic image generation tools like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, the next frontier seems to be text-to-video. This advancement promises to amplify the creative and practical capabilities of AI, albeit with challenges such as biases and the potential for misuse​​.

The Dark Side: AI-Generated Election Disinformation

A pressing concern as we head into 2024 is the escalating issue of AI-generated election disinformation. Past elections have seen the weaponization of AI tools for political gains, a trend that is expected to intensify. The ease of creating deepfakes and the realistic nature of these fabrications pose significant threats to the integrity of information and the political landscape​​.

The Investment Outlook: A Cooling Trend?

While AI continues to attract significant investment, there's a potential shift in the air. Investors are contemplating a pullback due to skyrocketing valuations and uncertainties about the number of viable, long-term players in the generative AI market. Big names like OpenAI and Anthropic might continue to command high valuations, but there's a growing sense of caution among investors​​.

Legal and regulatory challenges, along with the high costs associated with AI development, are factors that could lead to a slowdown in AI funding. Established tech companies, which have been heavily investing in AI, play a crucial role here. Their continued support is vital for the sustenance and growth of AI startups​​.

In conclusion, the world of AI investing is poised at an intriguing juncture. As we venture into 2024, the journey promises a blend of innovation, challenges, and a keen focus on sustainable, sector-specific applications. It's a landscape ripe with opportunity, yet requires cautious navigation amid shifting trends and emerging concerns.


  • AI investing in 2024 is expected to move beyond the initial hype, focusing on sustainable business models.
  • Verticalized AI startups, focusing on specific industries, are anticipated to gain traction.
  • The rise of customized chatbots and text-to-video in generative AI signifies a new phase of innovation.
  • AI-generated election disinformation is a growing concern, requiring vigilance.
  • The AI investment landscape might see a cooling trend due to high valuations and regulatory challenges.

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