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The Evolution of Self-Messaging: From Qept to Stork.AI to WhatsApp

February 27, 2024

Messaging oneself has become a common practice for many people who use chat apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. These platforms have even incorporated built-in features for bookmarking or note-taking. Recently, a new iOS app called Qept has entered the scene, focusing solely on the "DM-to-yourself" phenomenon.

Qept's Approach to Self-Messaging

Qept aims to improve the organization and editing aspects of note-taking. The app allows users to quickly jot down to-do lists and daily tasks. Just like any chat app, you can start typing and hit "send" to write a note or a thought. A handy checkmark sign above the textbox enables you to create a checklist or a to-do list easily. While you can assign a "Topic" to a note for better organization, it's not mandatory.

Stork.AI: A Comprehensive Solution

While Qept offers a focused approach, Stork.AI provides a more comprehensive solution for team collaboration and self-messaging. In Stork, you can not only message yourself but also send voice and video notes. The best part? All these notes are automatically transcribed by the platform's AI, making them easily searchable. This feature is available for free across all five platforms that Stork supports. Learn more about Stork.AI

WhatsApp Joins the Bandwagon

Last week, WhatsApp also introduced the ability to message yourself. This move signifies the growing importance of self-messaging features in chat apps. However, unlike Stork, WhatsApp's feature is limited to text-based messages and does not offer transcription services.

Future Updates and Monetization

Qept plans to roll out updates for improved visual appearance and navigation, a filter for archived notes, and the ability to add reminders and bullet points. To unlock more than three topics, users have to pay $7.99 per month. On the other hand, Stork.AI continues to offer a range of free and premium features, catering to both individual and team needs.


While Qept is a better free option for users with basic note-taking needs, Stork.AI offers a more versatile platform that goes beyond self-messaging. It integrates video conferencing like Zoom, team collaboration like Slack and MS Teams, and screen recording like Loom, all in one tool. With the added benefit of AI-powered transcription, Stork.AI is setting new standards in the realm of self-messaging and team collaboration.

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