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The 6 Best AI Note-Taking Apps to Take Better Notes

August 8, 2023

In today's digital age, note-taking apps have become indispensable. With the integration of AI, these apps have evolved to offer enhanced features, making the task of note-taking more efficient and streamlined. Here's a concise overview of the top AI note-taking apps:

Notion AI:

A versatile app, Notion is renowned for its adaptability in various tasks, from work to personal management. The introduction of Notion AI has amplified its capabilities, allowing users to brainstorm, draft, and summarize vast amounts of text effortlessly. The AI assistant in Notion can be accessed with Ctrl + J, offering features like tone adjustment and text summarization.

Notion AI


Tailored for personal note-taking, Reflect integrates a calendar and backlinking feature. Its command-based editor is complemented by AI, which can be summoned with Ctrl + J. The AI offers prompts for summarizing, rephrasing, and even providing counterarguments.



A robust note-taking tool, Mem leverages AI to boost productivity. It facilitates importing notes from other platforms like Notion and Evernote. Mem's AI features include a chatbot that extracts information from existing notes and AI prompts within notes to generate content.



A pioneer in integrating AI for note-taking, Taskade offers a plethora of features to enhance efficiency. It provides templates for various tasks and an AI feature to generate and refine project plans.



Primarily an AI assistant for content creation, Writesonic aids in writing blog posts and brainstorming ideas. It offers tools like passive-to-active voice translation and content generation for social media platforms.



Ideal for quick idea jotting, Napkin visualizes the interconnection of concepts. It presents information in a sticky note format and uses AI to suggest related ideas, making note organization seamless.



AI-assisted note-taking apps are revolutionizing the way we capture and organize information. Whether for personal or professional use, these apps offer enhanced features that save time and boost productivity. If you're looking to elevate your note-taking experience, consider giving these apps a try.

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