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Stork: Teamwork on Your Time

February 27, 2024

Stork is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate by allowing quick video communication instead of hour-long meetings. It aims to eliminate 38% of meetings with quick back-and-forth videos and smart reminders, making collaboration more efficient and effective. Enhance your presentations by utilizing Stork's Screen Recorder along with your Video Message. Seamlessly combine video messaging and screen recording to handle various tasks such as internal documentation, reducing meetings, making announcements, and providing detailed explanations. This is particularly useful when dealing with complex subjects that require screen snapshots or recordings to clarify.

Show What You're Talking About

Stork: video messaging

With Stork, you can walk through your work using video, screen, and voice annotations. This feature is great for providing feedback on designs, copy, documents, and applications, ensuring that there's no misinterpretation.

Teamwork on Your Time

Stork offers confident collaboration across different time zones. It's designed to make asynchronous collaboration smooth and effortless.

Effortless Collaboration with Guests

Collaborate with clients, vendors, contractors, and agencies without inviting them to complex in-house systems. Stork allows asynchronous review of designs, websites, and other documents or applications, providing context with text, video, screen, and voice annotations.

How It Works

  1. Record: Show your ideas with screen sharing and voice-over.
  2. Assign: Define who needs to respond and by when.
  3. Converse: Stay in the flow with reminders and notifications.

Makes Async Human

Stork introduces nuance from voice, video, and screen-share without taking calls at odd hours. It fosters a neurodiverse space where people can provide thoughtful feedback at their own pace.

Collaborate with Team

Stork: video and voice messaging

Exchange Video Notes with your team in a direct chat or a channel. Use built-in Screen Recorder with your Video Message to create a presentation and say it with Video and Voice. Drive your point home faster. Use Stork video messaging and screen recording in tandem for chores such as internal documentation, meeting reduction, announcements and explanations.

Record from Anywhere

Capture any app or workflow in one click with Stork. Users have praised its intuitive design and how it has saved them from unnecessary video calls.

Unique Features of Stork.AI

Stork.AI is a comprehensive business video messaging and collaboration platform for teams. It combines video conferencing like Zoom, team collaboration like Slack, and screen recording like Loom, all in one tool. It also transcribes and records all video and voice calls, making them searchable. Stork's unique recording and playback functionality, where all voice and video communications are automatically transcribed and summarized by the AI, sets it apart in the collaboration space.


Stork is an innovative tool that brings a new dimension to team collaboration. By allowing quick video communication and collaboration with guests, it aims to make teamwork more efficient and human. Its integration with other platforms and easy-to-use browser extension adds to its appeal. With its robust platform and additional features tailored to modern business needs, Stork stands as a leading solution in the collaboration space, offering everything needed for effective team communication and collaboration.

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