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Sizzle: The Next-Gen Tutoring App Powered by AI

September 26, 2023


Jerome Pesenti, the former VP of AI at Meta, has recently launched Sizzle, a groundbreaking AI-powered learning app. Unlike traditional math solvers like Photomath and Symbolab, Sizzle goes beyond just solving equations. It also tackles word problems across various subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. The app is designed to assist students at all educational levels, from middle school to college.

More Than Just Answers

One of the major criticisms of AI-based learning apps is that they often encourage students to cheat. However, Sizzle aims to be different. It doesn't just spit out answers; it acts as a chatbot tutor, guiding students through each step of the problem-solving process. Students can even ask questions to the AI to deepen their understanding of the concepts.

New Features

Sizzle has recently rolled out four innovative features:

  1. Grade Your Homework: Users can upload photos of their completed assignments, and the app will provide specific feedback.
  2. Try a Different Approach: This feature allows users to suggest alternative methods for solving problems.
  3. Give Me Choices: Offers multiple solutions to a problem, aiding in test preparation.
  4. Answer with a Photo: Enables users to upload images directly from their camera roll.

Free to Use, But Not for Long

Sizzle is currently free and has already garnered over 20,000 downloads with an average rating of 4.6 stars on both the App Store and Google Play. However, the company plans to introduce premium features and in-app purchases in the future.

Funding and Future Plans

Sizzle has secured $7.5 million in seed funding from Owl Ventures, 8VC, and FrenchFounders. The funds will be used to expand the team and develop the product further.

Jerome Pesenti's Vision

"After leaving Meta, I was inspired to leverage AI to truly help students and non-students no matter what kind of background they come from," said Pesenti. He believes that AI can have a transformative impact on education, a sector that has yet to fully benefit from the technology.


What subjects does Sizzle cover?

Sizzle covers math, physics, chemistry, and biology.

How is Sizzle different from other math solver apps?

Sizzle acts as a tutor chatbot and guides students through each step of the problem-solving process.

Is Sizzle free to use?

Yes, Sizzle is currently free to use, but the company plans to introduce premium features and in-app purchases in the future.


Sizzle is not just another learning app; it's a revolutionary platform that aims to change the way we approach education. With its AI-powered features and commitment to genuinely helping students, Sizzle is setting new standards in the edtech industry.

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