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Semafor Signals: How AI is Helping Journalists Find News Stories

February 5, 2024

Semafor Employs AI to Enhance News Discovery for Journalists

In a realm where the torrent of information never ceases, the challenge for journalists to stay ahead of the news cycle is real and daunting. Enter Semafor, a beacon in the murky waters of news gathering, which has turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to arm its reporters with the tools needed to navigate this deluge.


  • Introduction of AI in Journalism: Semafor utilizes AI, specifically through its Signals product, to filter and find news stories across languages and regions.
  • MISO - The AI Behind the Operation: MISO, Semafor's AI tool, scouts for news relevant to the organization's focus, streamlining the editorial process.
  • Partnership for Ethical AI Use: Semafor's collaboration with Microsoft aims at developing responsible AI use in journalism, concentrating on bias reduction.
  • The Debate Surrounding AI in Journalism: Despite the advantages, the integration of AI in journalism raises concerns over potential job displacement and the creation of biased content.
  • AI's Broader Impact on Journalism: Beyond finding stories, AI aids in keeping journalists updated, boosts research capabilities, and assists in verifying facts.

In a world where information is constantly flowing, it can be difficult for journalists to keep up with the latest news. Semafor, a news organization, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help its reporters find stories. Semafor's Signals product employs AI to scour news stories from around the web in multiple languages. The AI tool, dubbed MISO, identifies stories that align with Semafor's coverage areas and are likely to interest its readers. Semafor editors then decide which stories to feature in Signals.

Although still under refinement, Signals has already proven its worth by enabling Semafor reporters to uncover significant stories. For instance, it was through Signals that Semafor identified a piece on a new AI-powered tool designed for creating deepfakes. Additionally, Semafor is joining forces with Microsoft to explore how journalists can use AI responsibly. This research is set to focus on crafting tools and methodologies to help journalists identify and sidestep bias in AI-generated content.

The application of AI in journalism is a subject of contention. There are concerns that AI might lead to journalist redundancies, while others fear its potential to generate biased or misleading content. Nonetheless, Semafor's experience with the Signals product illustrates that AI can be a valuable ally for journalists, aiding them in discovering stories they might otherwise miss.

Beyond the highlighted benefits, AI can further empower journalists by helping them stay abreast of the latest news, enhance their research, and verify the accuracy of information. This underlines AI's potential as a potent tool for journalism, provided it is used with caution and awareness of its limitations.

About Semafor and MISO

Semafor emerged in 2022, founded by Ben Smith, a former media columnist for The New York Times. It prioritizes coverage on politics, media, and technology. At its core, Semafor employs MISO, an AI-powered search tool built on OpenAI's framework and utilizing Microsoft's Bing search engine. MISO's capability to parse content in various languages enables Semafor's reporters to uncover stories globally.

Concerns Over AI in Journalism

The integration of AI into journalism brings forth several issues, including potential biases in AI algorithms, the fear of journalist job losses due to automation, and the irreplaceable nature of human judgment in understanding the context and nuances of stories.

Semafor's Microsoft Partnership on AI Research

Semafor and Microsoft's collaboration on AI research aims to define how journalists can ethically utilize AI. The initiative concentrates on developing tools and techniques for journalists to detect and avoid bias in AI-generated content, highlighting the importance of responsible AI use in journalism.

As the journalism landscape continues to evolve, the integration of AI presents both opportunities and challenges. Semafor's innovative approach, through Signals and its partnership with Microsoft, showcases the potential for AI to augment journalistic practices while also underscoring the need for ethical considerations and human oversight in this digital transition.

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