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Particle: The New Way to Read News by Ex-Twitter Folks

March 6, 2024
Particle is here to speed up your news reading, but let's be honest, figuring out how to pay publishers is still a work in progress.


  • What's Particle? It's a new tool by some people who used to work at Twitter, and it uses AI to make reading news faster and easier.
  • The Big Idea: They want to help you understand the news better without taking up all your time, and they're trying to make sure writers and news sites get paid fairly.
  • Who's Behind It? Some smart folks with a background at Twitter and other tech places have put their brains and some serious money into making Particle.
  • How Does It Work? Particle gives you a quick summary of news from lots of different places, and you can choose to learn more if you're interested.
  • Paying the Writers: They're still figuring out how to make sure news sites make money when their stories get summarized by Particle.
  • What's Next? Particle is getting ready to show everyone what they've made, and they're also working on an app for phones.

Particle: Quick News for Busy People

A new tool called is on the scene, cooked up by some folks who used to work at Twitter. Their goal? To make it easier for you to get the news without having to dig through a mountain of articles. Particle is just starting out, but it's all about giving you news fast and letting you dive deeper if you want.

Figuring Out the Money Part

The Particle team knows they need to figure out how to keep news publishers happy and paid. Right now, they're not quite sure how to do that, but they're working on it. They want to make sure that when AI summarizes a news story, the original creators aren't left in the dust.

Who's Throwing Their Weight Behind Particle?

With over $4 million from investors and endorsements from big names in tech, Particle isn't just a small project—it's got some serious support. This backing shows that people who know a lot about the internet and news think Particle could really change things.

Particle in Action

Here's how it works: Particle pulls together news from everywhere, gives you a quick summary, and lets you choose if you want to know more. It's like having a friend who reads all the news and then tells you the important bits over coffee.

The Tricky Part: Paying for News

One of the big questions around Particle is how to make sure that when AI summarizes a story, the people who originally wrote it still get paid. It's a tough problem, but the Particle team is talking to news publishers to find a fair solution.

Looking Ahead

Particle is just getting started with a test version, and they're planning to make an app so you can read news on your phone. Everyone's watching to see if they can really make reading news easier and fairer for everyone involved.

Particle is trying to make it simpler for you to stay informed without overwhelming you, and they want to make sure the people writing the news get their fair share. It's a big challenge, but if anyone can figure it out, maybe it's this team with their big brains and tech know-how.

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