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OpenAI's GPT Store: A Leap into the Future or Just Another App Store?

February 27, 2024

The Much-Awaited Launch

Next week, the world will witness the grand unveiling of OpenAI's GPT Store, a unique marketplace for custom applications powered by OpenAI's own text-generating AI models, like the famous GPT-4​​. It's like opening a candy store for tech enthusiasts, but instead of sweets, it's filled with AI goodness.

Rules of the Game

For developers eager to jump into this new era, there are a few hoops to jump through. OpenAI insists that developers get acquainted with their updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines. It's like a code of conduct, but for AI wizards, ensuring their creations align with the ethos of the GPT Store. Remember, your GPT must wave the 'public' flag to join this exclusive club​​.

A Rollercoaster Journey

Originally announced during OpenAI's first DevDay, the GPT Store's launch faced a hiccup last year. The delay could be attributed to the leadership shakeup at OpenAI. Imagine a corporate game of musical chairs, but with a happier ending as the CEO Sam Altman got his chair back, along with a new board​​.

These GPTs are a mixed bag - as simple or as complex as the developer's imagination. It's like playing with digital Legos, where a GPT can be anything from a culinary guide to a code style checker​​.

The Ease of Creation

The GPT Builder by OpenAI is like a genie in a bottle for developers. Just spell out what you want your GPT to do in plain English, and voila! The tool attempts to bring your AI-powered chatbot to life. Before, developers could share their GPT creations only among peers, but now, the GPT Store opens the door to a public listing​​.

Money Matters

The financial aspect of the GPT Store remains a mystery, like a secret recipe yet to be revealed. Will there be a revenue-sharing model, or is it a free-for-all? OpenAI is keeping the cards close to its chest for now, but we're promised more details next week​​.

The Big Picture

OpenAI's transition from an AI model provider to a platform is not just a strategic shift, but a game-changer. With the introduction of plug-ins for ChatGPT, they've expanded their AI model ecosystem. Now, the GPT Store could potentially disrupt the consultancy market, which thrives on creating tailor-made AI solutions. It's like David and Goliath, but in the AI world​​.


  • Launch of OpenAI's GPT Store: A new marketplace for AI-driven applications, launching next week.
  • Developer Requirements: Must adhere to OpenAI's guidelines and declare apps as public.
  • Background: Delayed launch due to a leadership shuffle at OpenAI.
  • GPT Flexibility: Developers can create AI apps with varying complexities.
  • GPT Builder: A tool for easy AI app creation.
  • Financials: Unclear revenue model for the GPT Store.
  • Impact: Could challenge the consultancy market in AI app development.

In conclusion, the GPT Store seems poised to revolutionize the way we think about AI and its applications. It's not just another app store; it's a playground for the innovative and a potential disruptor for traditional business models. Let's brace ourselves for what's coming next in the AI saga!

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