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OpenAI Slashes Prices and Tackles GPT-4's Reluctance to Complete Tasks

May 17, 2024

OpenAI just made GPT-4 more affordable and less stubborn.

Summary of the Blog Post:

  • Price Reduction: OpenAI has significantly lowered the cost for using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs.
  • Model Updates: Introduction of new versions for GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 Turbo.
  • GPT-4's 'Laziness' Fix: Adjustments made to address GPT-4's earlier issues in task completion.
  • Future Plans: GPT-4 V, with vision capabilities, is set to launch soon.
  • Additional Tools: New text embedding models and an updated moderation API have been released.

The Price Drop

Let's face it, we all love a good deal, and OpenAI seems to understand this quite well. They've just announced a price cut for accessing their APIs, which is excellent news for developers and a hint of what's to come for regular users. The cost for input has been halved to $0.0005 per thousand tokens, and output costs have been trimmed by 25% to $0.0015 per thousand tokens. This makes GPT-3.5 Turbo, a popular choice for its speed and cost-effectiveness, even more attractive.

The drop in prices might also be a move to stay competitive as open source models nip at OpenAI's heels. It's a classic case of keep your friends close and your competitors closer, and in this case, make your service cheaper too.

Celebration Time for AI Developers: Half-Price API Tokens!

Model Makeover

On the model front, GPT-3.5 Turbo has received a new version, labeled 0125. It's like a software update that doesn't get much fanfare, but you're happy to have it. Similarly, GPT-4 Turbo also gets an update. The interesting part here is the fix for what they call "laziness" - essentially, the model not completing tasks. Imagine that, AI getting a bit too comfortable and needing a nudge to do its job, sounds eerily human, doesn't it?

GPT-4's reluctance to finish tasks might have been a case of learning a bit too much from the procrastination habits of its developers. Thankfully, that's being addressed. The updated model promises better task completion, especially in areas like code generation.

Robo-Engineers at Work: Turbocharging AI Models

What's on the Horizon?

Looking forward, OpenAI is teasing us with GPT-4 V, which will incorporate vision capabilities. It's currently in the works and expected to be available in the coming months. This addition could open up a whole new world of possibilities, combining text and image processing in exciting ways.

Seeing is Believing: GPT-4 V Gets Vision

Tech Tools Galore

For the tech-savvy, there are new text embedding models and an upgraded moderation API. These are geared more towards the backend, helping with tasks like identifying potentially harmful text. If you're into the nitty-gritty of AI development, these tools could be quite handy.

Juggling the Future: AI's New Toolbox


In summary, OpenAI's latest updates are a mix of generous price cuts and practical improvements. It's a balancing act between staying ahead of the competition and keeping the AI from taking too many virtual coffee breaks. For developers and users alike, these changes signal more efficient and cost-effective AI tools on the horizon.

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