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OpenAI Introduces Custom Instructions for All ChatGPT Users

August 10, 2023

OpenAI has rolled out its custom instructions feature for ChatGPT to all its users, ensuring even those on the free plan can benefit.

Initially launched in July for ChatGPT Plus members, this feature lets users set specific preferences for the AI's responses.

custom instructions for all ChatGPT users

This means users won't have to repeatedly input the same guidelines every time they use ChatGPT.

For instance, users can set a character limit for ChatGPT's replies or specify a particular tone for the responses.

When the feature was first introduced, OpenAI showcased how educators could use ChatGPT without having to repeatedly mention that they teach a specific grade, like the 3rd grade, to get a tailored response.

Similarly, developers can instruct the chatbot to reply in their preferred languages or exclude certain languages.

OpenAI emphasized the importance of steerability in their models, stating that it allows the AI to cater to the diverse needs of users from 22 different countries.

custom instructions for all ChatGPT users

Previously, the custom instructions feature was exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay $20 monthly.

However, this feature is now accessible to both free and Plus users, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Notably, users can employ custom instructions even if the chat history is disabled.

To activate custom instructions, users can simply click on their profile name and choose the "Custom instructions" option.

OpenAI also mentioned plans to introduce this feature in the EU and the U.K. soon.

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