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OpenAI-Backed 1X Secures $100M Boost: Accelerating Humanoid Robotics

January 12, 2024

Summary: The Pioneers of Humanoid Robotics - 1X's NEO and Its Competitors

  • 1X's NEO: A breakthrough in humanoid robotics with a $100 million Series B funding boost, NEO aims to address global labor shortages in human-centric environments.
  • Tesla's Optimus: Unveiled by Tesla, this humanoid robot is expected to be commercially available in the next few years, priced under $20,000, and designed to perform various tasks.
  • Figure Robotics: Raised $70 million for its humanoid robot, Figure 01, combining human dexterity with AI, targeting industries like manufacturing and logistics.
  • Apptronik: Secured $14.6 million in seed funding for its all-purpose humanoid robot, focusing on applications in unstructured environments alongside humans.

The Rise of Humanoid Robots in 2024

In 2024, the realm of humanoid robots is experiencing substantial growth, with companies like Tesla, Apptronik, and Figure unveiling innovative systems. Amidst this landscape, 1X, a Norwegian company, emerges as a significant player, receiving less media attention than its competitors but showing promise with its humanoid robot, NEO.

1X: A Dark Horse in the Robotics Race

1X's journey in humanoid robotics started in April with a $23.5 million funding round, gaining attention due to OpenAI's involvement. OpenAI's expertise in AI is expected to heavily influence the future of robotics.

Funding Milestone: Series B Success

1X recently secured $100 million in a Series B round, led by EQT Ventures, boosting its total capital to $125 million. This influx of funds is a pivotal moment for 1X, showcasing investor confidence in their vision.

NEO: 1X's Humanoid Robot

NEO is designed to mirror human form and capabilities, aiming to address the global labor shortage by operating in environments made for humans.

The Race for Humanoid Robotics: Competitors of 1X in the Spotlight

1. Tesla's Optimus: A Giant Leap in Robotics

Tesla's humanoid robot 'Optimus' was unveiled with a prototype and a predicted commercial availability within three to five years, priced under $20,000. Optimus is expected to be a general-purpose robot for labor-intensive sectors​​​​​​​​.

2. Figure's Ambitious Robotics Venture

Figure raised $70 million for its humanoid robot, Figure 01, focusing on deploying humanoid robots in the workforce to address labor shortages​​​​.

3. Apptronik's $14.6M Milestone

Apptronik secured $14.6 million in seed funding for its all-purpose humanoid robot, designed to work alongside humans in unstructured environments​​​​.

In summary, the humanoid robotics sector is witnessing a surge in innovation and competition, with key players like 1X, Tesla, Figure, and Apptronik leading the charge. Each company brings unique solutions, aiming to address the global labor shortage and revolutionize various industries with their humanoid robots. The involvement of these companies highlights the transformative potential and competitive nature of this field.

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