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Mubert Render 2.0: Unleashing New Dimensions in AI-Generated Music

May 17, 2024
Mubert Render 2.0 is here, but is it truly a playground for musical geniuses, or just another shiny tech toy?


  • Introduction to Mubert Render 2.0 and its recent accolades
  • Detailed overview of new features including Image-to-Music, Adobe Extension, Text-to-Music, and revamped GUI
  • Exploration of the AI's capability to generate royalty-free music from a vast sound library
  • Special promotion for the Product Hunt community

Mubert Render 2.0 Unveiled

Mubert Render 2.0's launch party: where humans and robots raise a toast to smashing musical records.

It's a significant day for Mubert, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They've just rolled out Mubert Render 2.0, building on the success of their last launch which saw them crowned as Product of the Day. With over 100 million tracks generated to date, their platform is not just growing; it's exploding.

What’s New in Mubert Render 2.0?

Mubert's new control room: where every pixel on the screen dances to the tune of innovation.

Let’s dive into the features. Mubert Render 2.0 brings some intriguing capabilities to the table:

  • Image-to-Music: This feature allows you to upload a photo and Mubert will churn out a tune that matches the vibe of your image. Imagine finding the rhythm of your favorite sunset or cityscape.
  • Adobe Extension: For the professionals out there using Adobe Premiere or After Effects, Mubert now integrates directly. This means no more swapping apps to create a soundtrack.
  • Text-to-Music: Got lyrics or just a few lines of text? Type them into Mubert and get a custom track in return. It's like having a musical interpreter at your fingertips.
  • Revamped GUI: They've polished the user interface and user experience based on user feedback. The new design promises a smoother navigation and creative process.
In Mubert's vast sound library, even the musical notes need a library card.

The AI behind Mubert Render 2.0 draws from a massive pool of sounds, all ethically sourced, ensuring that each track is not only unique but also legally uncomplicated. The tracks are owned by Mubert, but licensing them for your own use is straightforward—a nod to practicality for creators looking to monetize their content.

Special Promo for Music Makers

At Mubert, the promo code isn't just a discount, it's a VIP pass to an all-you-can-create music fest.

As a token of appreciation to their community, Mubert offers a special promo code “PHRNDR10ANNUAL” for a 10% discount on annual plans. This gesture not only celebrates their Product Hunt success but also encourages new users to explore the advanced capabilities of Mubert Render 2.0.

A Step Beyond in Music Technology

Mubert's playground: where the swings hum and the slides whistle — tune in for a musical recess!

Mubert positions itself not just as another tech entity but as a pioneer at the intersection of AI and music. They aim to provide a creative playground for musicians, developers, and all types of creators to explore and express their musical flair.

As Mubert says, with Mubert Render 2.0, it's about moving “to infinity, and beyond, with music.” Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a curious developer, this platform promises to unlock new realms of musical creativity.

For those eager to experience this innovative tool, visit Mubert’s official website and discover the possibilities that await in the world of AI-generated music. Explore Mubert Render today!

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