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Meta's AI Characters

February 27, 2024

The Dawn of AI Companionship

Earlier this year, Meta made waves in the tech world by introducing a fascinating set of AI characters. These aren't your average digital assistants; they're based on real-life celebrities like Paris Hilton, MrBeast, Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, and more, offering a new realm of interaction across Meta's apps.

Now, these 28 AI personas are not just limited to making small talk. They're equipped with Bing Search, providing users with a seamless blend of conversation and information retrieval. This feature was already a hit with sports-related AIs like Bru and Perry, and now it's expanding to others including Coco and Lorena.

What's more intriguing is the integration of 'long-term memory' in several of these characters. Billie, Carter, Scarlett, and others now have the capability to remember past interactions, making your chats more meaningful and personalized.

Privacy at Its Core

In the midst of excitement, Meta ensures user privacy isn't sidelined. They've implemented robust safeguards in their AI features, going through rigorous internal reviews to responsibly handle user data. Their Generative AI Privacy Guide is a testament to their commitment to transparency and user control.

Meta's approach to training their AI models is equally responsible. They use a combination of publicly available data, licensed data, and information from their own products, consciously excluding personal posts and private messages. For those concerned about their data being misused, Meta offers clear commands to delete any information shared in AI chats, ensuring users maintain control over their conversations.

Accessing the Future of Interaction

To dive into this AI-driven experience, users simply need to start a new message on Meta’s apps and select “Create an AI chat”. And for the tech-savvy, saying “Hey Meta” through Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses opens up a direct line to these AI characters.

Competition Heats Up

Meta's launch of AI characters with enhanced features puts it in direct competition with other AI character apps. Character AI, for instance, has gained traction in the U.S. and recently bagged a significant investment, showcasing the growing interest in AI-driven conversational experiences.


Meta's latest innovation brings a new dimension to digital interaction. By blending AI personalities with search capabilities and memory features, they're not just enhancing user experience but also setting a new standard for privacy and data usage in AI applications. Whether you're in for a laugh, a debate, or need information at your fingertips, Meta’s AI characters are ready to transform the way we communicate.

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