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Meta Unveils Next-Gen AI Tools: From Virtual Assistants to Customizable Stickers

February 27, 2024


Meta is stepping up its game in the AI arena with a slew of new features and products. These innovations, which span across messaging apps, the Meta Quest 3, and upcoming Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, aim to make the user experience more engaging and versatile. The company's new AI capabilities are built on its latest Llama 2 AI models, which were launched in July. Read more about Llama 2.

Your Personal AI Assistant

Meta's new AI Assistant is engineered to offer real-time information and generate photorealistic images from text prompts within seconds. Whether you're planning a trip with friends or seeking general knowledge, this assistant has got you covered. It leverages Microsoft's Bing for real-time web search results. Learn how AI Assistants work.

Celebrity-Based Chatbots

Imagine chatting with a virtual Tom Brady or Naomi Osaka! Meta has introduced 28 AI personalities modeled after celebrities from various fields. These chatbots can engage in topic-specific conversations and are accessible via WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Discover more about AI chatbots.

AI Studio for Businesses

Meta's AI Studio is a platform that allows businesses to create AI chatbots tailored to their brand values. Initially available in alpha, this feature aims to enhance customer service experiences and is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Explore AI for businesses.

Express Yourself with AI Stickers

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of AI-generated stickers, allowing users to create unique stickers in real-time. This feature is powered by Meta's new image generation model, Emu. Read about Emu.

AI-Powered Image Editing

Two new features, restyle and backdrop, are coming to Instagram. These features enable users to transform images or co-create AI-generated images with friends. Learn more about AI in image editing.

Safety Measures

Meta is committed to ensuring the safety and accuracy of its AI features. The company has invested in extensive red-teaming to train its AI models to avoid inappropriate or harmful content. Read about AI safety.


Q: What is Llama 2?

A: Llama 2 is Meta's new family of open-access AI models released in July. It is designed to generate text and code in response to prompts.

Q: How does Meta's AI Assistant work?

A: The AI Assistant uses Llama 2 and is integrated with Microsoft's Bing to provide real-time web search results. It can assist in various tasks like planning trips and answering general knowledge questions.

Q: Are the celebrity-based chatbots real?

A: No, these are AI personalities modeled after real celebrities. They are designed for topic-specific conversations and are not the actual celebrities.

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