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Meta Unveils AI-Powered Stickers: A New Way to Express Yourself

February 27, 2024


During the recent Meta Connect event, Mark Zuckerberg revealed an exciting new feature: AI-generated stickers for Meta's suite of messaging apps. This innovation is fueled by Meta's latest image generation model, Emu. The feature aims to revolutionize how we use stickers in apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories.

Why AI Stickers?

"Every day, people send hundreds of millions of stickers to convey various emotions in chats," Zuckerberg pointed out. Unlike the limited set of pre-designed stickers, Emu allows users to create unique stickers by simply typing what they want. This opens up endless possibilities for personalized communication.

How Does It Work?

To generate a sticker, all you need to do is type into a text box describing the kind of image you want. For instance, during the demo on WhatsApp, Zuckerberg showcased off-the-wall ideas like a "Hungarian sheepdog driving a 4×4." Initially, the feature will be available to English-speaking users and will gradually roll out over the next month.

Beyond Stickers: AI Editing Tools

But that's not all. Meta is also introducing AI editing tools on Instagram. These tools, also powered by Emu, include features like Restyle and Backdrop. Restyle allows you to change the visual style of an image by typing in prompts like "watercolor" or "collage from magazines and newspapers, torn edges." Backdrop, on the other hand, lets you alter the background of your image using prompts.

Ethical Considerations

Meta is taking steps to ensure that AI-generated images are clearly marked as such to avoid confusion with human-generated content. The company is also exploring both visible and invisible markers for these images.


What are AI-generated stickers?

AI-generated stickers are unique stickers created using Meta's new image generation model, Emu. They allow for more personalized and expressive communication in Meta's messaging apps.

How can I use these new features?

You can type into a text box describing the kind of sticker or edit you want. The feature will initially be available to English-speaking users.

Are there any ethical concerns?

Yes, Meta is working on marking AI-generated images to distinguish them from human-generated content.


The introduction of AI-generated stickers and editing tools marks a significant step in personalized digital communication. With these features, Meta aims to make online conversations more expressive and engaging.

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