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Meet Shortwave: The AI Assistant That Knows Your Emails Inside Out

February 27, 2024


Emails can be overwhelming, but what if you had an AI assistant that could answer questions about your inbox? Shortwave, an email client developed by former Google employees, has introduced an AI-powered assistant that does just that. This assistant can sift through your emails and provide you with the information you need, all based on natural language queries.

What Can It Do?

The assistant's primary function is to help you find specific emails. Once you grant it access to your email history, you can ask questions like, "What was the link to the video that the client sent me about Project Cricket's bugs?" or "Which emails discussed SaaS startups last week?" You can even request summaries of emails related to specific topics, thanks to the assistant's excellent formatting capabilities.

Additional Features

Besides helping you find emails, the assistant also offers standard AI-powered email functionalities. These include composing drafts in various formats, improving your writing, translating text, summarizing conversations, and making your emails more concise. The assistant can even draft meeting schedules for you if it has access to your calendar.

Under the Hood

According to Andrew Lee, Shortwave's CEO, the assistant uses a combination of models, including Instructor-xl and GPT 3.5 for search, Pinecone's vector database for long-term memory, MS Marco for re-ranking emails, and GPT-4 for the final user-facing output. Importantly, Shortwave assures that it doesn't train these models on any user data.


The AI assistant is available for all Shortwave users to try. To get started, simply click on the AI icon at the top right corner of the Shortwave app.


How do I start using Shortwave's AI assistant?

To start using the AI assistant, click on the AI icon at the top right corner of the Shortwave app.

Is my data safe with Shortwave's AI assistant?

Yes, Shortwave has specified that it does not train its models on any user data.

Can the assistant help me with tasks other than finding emails?

Absolutely, the assistant can also help you compose drafts, improve your writing, translate text, and even draft meeting schedules if it has access to your calendar.


Shortwave's AI-powered assistant is a game-changer in email management. With its ability to answer questions about your inbox based on natural language queries, it offers a new level of convenience and efficiency. Give it a try and experience the future of email today!

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