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Kevin Systrom: The Optimist in the AI Debate

May 17, 2024


Kevin Systrom, co-founder of the news aggregation startup Artifact, recently spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023. He expressed his optimistic views on the future of AI, challenging the prevalent notion of "AI doomerism." Systrom believes that AI will empower people rather than lead to dystopian outcomes.

A Historical Perspective

Systrom pointed out that every technological revolution, from the internet to mobile phones, has initially faced skepticism. People often fear job losses and other negative impacts. However, history shows that these technologies have unlocked countless opportunities. "We adapt, and new jobs emerge," Systrom emphasized.

The AI Debate

His stance contrasts sharply with other prominent figures in the AI community, such as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis. These individuals have signed statements urging global attention to the potential risks of AI.

Artifact: A New Approach to News

Artifact, co-founded with Instagram's Mike Krieger, aims to revolutionize the news reading experience using AI. The app personalizes news selection, rewrites clickbait headlines, and even uncovers lesser-known writers who produce quality content. Systrom believes that AI can elevate the quality of news and help people discover content that genuinely interests them.

Beyond Clickbait

Systrom criticized other news apps that focus on sensational stories to attract clicks. He aims for Artifact to maintain a level of editorial integrity, focusing on stories that are genuinely informative and interesting.

The Future of Artifact

While the app is still in its early stages, Systrom is optimistic about its potential. He sees machine learning and large language models as key to Artifact's success. The app aims to go beyond traditional news sources, allowing users to discover a wide range of content through AI.


Q: What is Kevin Systrom's view on AI?

A: Kevin Systrom is optimistic about the future of AI. He believes that AI will empower people and create new opportunities, rather than leading to negative outcomes.

Q: How does Artifact use AI?

A: Artifact uses AI to personalize news selection, rewrite clickbait headlines, and discover quality content from lesser-known writers.

Q: How does Systrom's view differ from other AI experts?

A: Unlike other prominent figures in the AI community who warn about the potential risks of AI, Systrom is optimistic and believes that AI will bring about positive changes.

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