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Hybrid Team Collaboration Tool Perfect for "Building in the Open"

May 26, 2023


In response to the post-pandemic shift towards hybrid work models, where 53% of knowledge workers are expected to engage indefinitely according to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for a new generation of tools has surged. Stork, a breakthrough workspace platform, emerges to meet this demand, offering features designed specifically for hybrid teams and a focus on 'Building in the Open'.

Stork: Tailored for Hybrid Collaboration

Stork offers comprehensive solutions for hybrid teams with innovative features such as Channels and Watercoolers. These elements cater to both structured meetings and spontaneous discussions, accommodating the diverse requirements of hybrid workplaces. This suite of features is a clear response to the evolving needs of modern workplaces, making Stork a compelling alternative to traditional tools.

The 'Call My Link' Feature: A Step Ahead of Zoom and Google Meet

One of Stork's distinguishing features is 'Call My Link'. This feature offers an inclusive approach to video conferencing, allowing anyone to join a call simply by clicking a link. Beyond that, Stork automatically records all these interactions, providing a comprehensive record of your startup's journey. This feature extends Stork's usability beyond that of conventional tools like Zoom and Google Meet, making it an ideal fit for hybrid teams.

Building in the Open: A Leap Beyond Slack and Microsoft Teams

Stork's design aligns perfectly with the philosophy of 'Building in the Open'. Its recording and selective sharing capabilities let startups share their processes and progress with their community, fostering trust and engagement. This commitment to openness sets Stork apart from traditional team collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it a superior choice for startups aiming for transparency.

Privacy Considerations in the Hybrid Work Era

While Stork is designed to enhance transparency, it also respects the importance of privacy. With clear recording indicators and sharing controls, Stork provides a balanced approach that ensures transparency does not compromise confidentiality - a vital consideration in the new era of hybrid work.


Designed with the post-pandemic landscape in mind, Stork provides a solution that surpasses the capabilities of traditional tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. By supporting effective hybrid team collaboration and promoting the philosophy of 'Building in the Open', Stork is the tool of choice for the modern, transparency-focused startup.

Call to Action

If your startup is preparing to embrace the hybrid work model and the strategy of 'Building in the Open', Stork could be the answer. Explore Stork today, and discover how its innovative features can enhance your team's collaboration and transparency in this new era of work.

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