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Google's Next Big Thing: Bard Advanced - Because Who Doesn't Like Paying for AI?

February 27, 2024

The AI Arms Race Just Got Pricier

You've probably heard of Google's AI chatbot, Bard, right? It's like that friend who knows a bit about everything but still can't do your math homework. Well, hold onto your hats (and wallets), because Google is about to roll out Bard Advanced, the smarter, flashier sibling of Bard, powered by what they're calling the Gemini Ultra. This is like upgrading from a bike to a sports car - except you have to pay for the gas this time.

Fancy Features for a Fancy Price

So, what's in the box? First off, Bard Advanced is swapping its old engine (the Gemini Pro) for the shiny new Gemini Ultra. Think of it like swapping a hamster wheel for a turbo engine - faster, stronger, and probably more expensive. This new version is touted to have advanced math and reasoning skills. Yes, it might finally help you with that homework, or at least give you smart-sounding excuses for not doing it.

But wait, there's more! We're also getting a bouquet of features like custom bots, tasks, shared queries, and "Power Ups". If you're wondering what "Power Ups" are, think Mario Kart, but instead of bananas and shells, you get cooler AI responses. And let's not forget the “Gallery” feature, which is still shrouded in mystery like a secret menu at a fancy restaurant.

Google's Wallet-Friendly Strategy

Now, let's talk money. Bard Advanced is coming at you with a price tag. While the original Bard is like a park you can visit for free, Bard Advanced is more like an amusement park with an entry fee. This move puts Google in the ring with ChatGPT Plus, turning the AI playground into a bit of a high-stakes poker game. Who will put down the biggest bet? Only time will tell.

A Peek into 2024: What’s Next for Bard?

As we roll into 2024, Google is not just upgrading Bard; it's giving it a full makeover. With all these new features, Bard is set to become more like a Swiss Army knife, but for AI. It’s like Google decided to throw in everything but the kitchen sink – and who knows, maybe that's coming next year.

In Conclusion

In summary, Bard Advanced is like that deluxe edition of a video game - it has all the cool stuff that makes you go “wow,” but you need to pay to play. As we look forward to seeing Bard Advanced in action, let's hope it's more like a wise wizard and less like a moody genie. Only time, and perhaps our wallets, will tell.


  • What's New: Google is rolling out Bard Advanced, an upgrade to its AI chatbot Bard, powered by the Gemini Ultra model.
  • Features: Expect advanced math and reasoning skills, custom bots, tasks, shared queries, "Power Ups," and a mysterious “Gallery” feature.
  • Pricing: Unlike its free counterpart, Bard Advanced will come with a price tag, putting it in competition with other paid AI services like ChatGPT Plus.
  • What to Look Forward To: A suite of new features in 2024, making Bard more versatile and powerful.

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