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Google Docs Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Proofreading Feature

September 3, 2023

Google Docs has long been a go-to platform for document creation and editing, offering basic spelling and grammar checks. However, Google has recently upped its game by launching an advanced AI-driven Proofreading tool. This new feature aims to enhance the readability, tone, and style of your documents, making them more effective and engaging.

Exclusive to Google Workspace Enterprise Customers

The Proofread tool is not universally available to all Google Docs users or even to all Google Workspace customers. It is exclusively offered to Google Workspace Enterprise customers as an add-on to Google's Duet AI product. Google has hinted at expanding this feature to other customer segments, including small and medium-sized businesses, in the coming months.

More Than Just Spelling and Grammar Checks

The Proofread tool goes beyond basic spelling and grammar checks to offer a range of suggestions for improving your document:

  • Conciseness: The tool advises on making your writing more concise.
  • Active Voice: It suggests using an active voice to make your writing clearer.
  • Wording: The tool offers suggestions to make your words sound more dynamic or formal, depending on the context.
  • Sentence Split: It helps in breaking down long and complex sentences to improve readability.

These suggestions appear in a sidebar, allowing you to review and either accept or reject each one. Filters are also available to limit the types of suggestions you see.

User-Friendly Interface

Once the Proofread add-on is enabled, it is activated by default. Users have the option to toggle it on and off within Google Docs. To access the Proofread sidebar, simply click on the icon marked with an 'A' and a checkmark. A blue dot next to the icon indicates that writing suggestions are available.

Google's AI Endeavors

Google has been actively integrating AI into its key products like Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail. This move is part of Google's broader strategy to leverage artificial intelligence in enhancing user experience and productivity.

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