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Google Chat's New Features: A Blend of Familiarity and Innovation

September 3, 2023

Google is revamping Google Chat, its enterprise messaging solution designed to compete with Slack and Microsoft Teams. The platform is undergoing a significant redesign and is introducing a host of new features, including Duet AI, Google's latest collaboration tool.

Introducing Duet AI: Your Virtual Co-worker

Duet AI is the standout feature in this update, designed to make Google Chat more appealing to Workspace users. Duet AI allows you to search and ask questions about your files in Google Drive and Gmail. It can also summarize documents and conversations. The AI-powered tool can be used in one-on-one chats or group conversations, essentially acting as a virtual co-worker with "infinite memory and amazing recall," according to Vamsee Jasti, Google's product lead for Chat.

A Fresh Look and Feel

Google Chat is also getting a visual overhaul, incorporating elements from Google's Material You design language. The new interface will feature a home view displaying your recent conversations, starred conversations, and mentions. Google plans to introduce intelligent organization and ordering of these elements in the future.

Huddles and Spaces: More Than Just Text

The update also introduces "huddles," a feature that allows users to initiate video or audio chats directly within the app, bypassing the need for Google Meet. This feature is built on Google Meet technology, offering a simplified interface for quick connections. Additionally, the platform's Discord-like group channels, known as Spaces, will now support up to 500,000 members, a significant increase from the previous 50,000-member limit.

The Competitive Edge

While these updates may not necessarily lure users away from Slack or Teams, they do make Google Chat a more compelling option for existing users. Google aims to build upon these features, offering a robust virtual collaboration space for quick and efficient teamwork.

How Does Stork.AI Fit In?

While Google Chat is making strides in AI-powered collaboration with Duet AI, Stork.AI offers a comprehensive solution that combines video conferencing like Zoom, team collaboration like Slack and MS Teams, and screen recording like Loom. Stork.AI also has the added advantage of transcribing and recording all video and voice calls, making them searchable for future reference.

So, if you're looking for a platform that offers robust recording and playback functionality, as well as AI-powered transcription and summarization, Stork.AI could be the ideal choice for your team's collaboration needs.

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