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Getty Images' Groundbreaking AI Service: Revolutionizing Visual Content Creation

May 17, 2024


  • Getty Images introduces "Generative AI by Getty Images" and "Generative AI by iStock", AI-powered tools for creating images from text descriptions.
  • These services provide standard royalty-free licenses and include safeguards against copyright infringement.
  • Contributors whose works are used in training the AI models will be compensated, and revenue sharing mechanisms are in place.
  • The Generative AI by iStock service is priced at $15 per 100 generated images and offers legal coverage for customers.

Introduction to Generative AI by Getty Images

Getty Images, a prominent supplier of stock images, editorial photos, videos, and music, has recently unveiled a pioneering generative AI art tool, named "Generative AI by Getty Images"​​. This innovative service, developed in collaboration with Nvidia, is designed to generate images from text descriptions, akin to popular text-to-image platforms like OpenAI's DALL-E 3 and Midjourney. It is a testament to Getty's commitment to leveraging technology in visual content creation.

Licensing and Safeguards

Customers using this tool to create and download visuals will be provided with Getty’s standard royalty-free license, which includes indemnification against copyright lawsuits and the right to perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive use across all media​​. Getty Images has implemented robust safeguards to prevent misuse of its generative tool, particularly for disinformation, misinformation, or replicating the style of living artists​​.

CEO's Perspective

Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, emphasized the responsibility inherent in the tool’s development, aiming to provide customers confidence in using generative AI for commercial purposes​​.

Compensation and Revenue Sharing

Getty Images has made it clear that content generated by this tool will not be added to its content library. However, they reserve the right to retrain its model using those images. Importantly, Getty contributors whose works are used in training the underlying model will be compensated. A revenue-sharing mechanism is also in place, ensuring fair distribution of earnings generated from the tool​​.

Accessibility and Integration

The Generative AI tool is accessible via Getty’s website and can be integrated into apps and websites through an API. In the near future, customers will be able to customize it with proprietary data to align with specific brand styles or design languages. The pricing model is based on prompt volume, separate from a standard Getty Images subscription​​.

Getty's Stance on AI and Copyright

Previously, Getty Images was critical of generative AI products like Stable Diffusion, for using a subset of its image content library without proper authorization. This stance led to legal actions to clarify the intellectual property rights in the generative AI arena​​. The debate over content scraping practices and fair use doctrine in the U.S. continues to be a contentious topic​​.

Comparisons with Other Companies

Other companies, including Bria and Shutterstock, are also exploring ethical approaches to generative AI. These companies focus on compensating creators whose work is used to train AI art models, similar to Getty's approach​​.

Generative AI by iStock

Building on its AI advancements, Getty Images announced another service called "Generative AI by iStock" at CES 2024. This service, also powered by Nvidia, is designed to guard against copyright infringement and is available in 75 languages. It can modify existing images or generate new ones, offering integration with apps and plug-ins via an API​​. Priced at $15 per 100 generated images, the service aims to provide an easy and affordable option for using AI in creative processes​​.

Copyright Concerns and Legal Coverage

With the launch of Generative AI by iStock, Getty addresses the heated copyright debate surrounding AI. GenAI models have the tendency to reproduce copyrighted examples, which is problematic for creators who have not permitted or been compensated for their use. Getty's approach includes offering legal coverage to its customers, providing $10,000 in legal coverage for any licensed visual generated by the iStock customer​​.

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